Gordon Francis Meijs

By March 18th, 2011


Gordon Francis Meijs was born in Adelaide, South Australia on 4 November 1956.

He obtained his BSc (University of Adelaide) with First-Class Honours in Organic Chemistry in 1977 and his PhD (University of Adelaide) in Organic Chemistry in 1981.

From 1981 to 1982, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, USA and a Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Adelaide from 1982 to 1985.

In 1986, he joined the CSIRO Division of Applied Organic Chemistry as a Research Scientist in the area of specialty polymers. He was promoted to Senior Research Scientist (Biomaterials & Specialty Polymers) in 1988 and appointed Project Leader, Polymeric Biomaterials in 1989. He became a Principal Research Scientist in 1992, a Senior Principal Research Scientist in 1996; Program Manager, Biomaterials and Bioengineering in 1998 and a Chief Research Scientist in 2000.

Gordon was trained as an organic chemist and has extensive research and research management experience in CSIRO and within CRCs. Gordon has an extensive patent portfolio and commercialisation experience and plays a key role in the design and implementation of the strategic change program in IP management improvement.

His key research achievements are:

  • coinvented highly effective chain transfer agents for the control of molecular weight and end group functionality in free radical polymerisation. Major program initiated with DuPont (USA) to exploit use of these materials in automotive coatings and electronics applications.
  • led team that developed new classes of cell growth polymers (porous and non-porous), suitable for biomaterial applications (including synthetic artificial cornea). Novartis-sponsored company Biocure Inc., formed to exploit non-ocular applications of this and other technologies.
  • coinventor of broad functional patent for contact lens materials suitable for continuous wear over 30 days. CIBA Vision Product ‘Focus Night & Day’ based on this technology.
  • part of team which devised a method for effecting highly monodisperse free radical polymerisations. Licensed to DuPont.
  • led a multidisciplinary team that developed several families of highly flexible biostable polyurethanes for medical implant. Australian startup company, Elastomedic Pty Ltd, now Aortech Biomaterials Pty Ltd, formed to manufacture and use Elast-Eon^TM^ family for fabricating implantable medical devices.

For the period 2000-01, he was Commercial Advisor (seconded), Corporate Commercial and Finance Group, CSIRO and from 2002 to 2007, the CSIRO Corporate Group’s: Senior Manager, Business Improvement, Business Development and Commercialisation. In 2007, he became General Manager, Intellectual Property Development, CSIRO Corporate Group.


Associated Scientific and Management Positions Held

2003 – 06

Visiting Professor, Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales


Member, Corporate Strategic Priorities Task Groups ‘Going Global’ and Technology Transfer Commercialisation – ‘New Enterprise Creation’

1999 – 2001

Board Member, Cardiac CRC Nominees Pty Ltd (rep CSIRO)

1999 – 2001

Board Member, PolyU Pty Ltd (rep CSIRO)

1999 – 2000

Chair, CSIRO Molecular Science, Site Environmental Management Committee


Chair, Site Management Committee, CSIRO Molecular Science, Clayton

1998 – 2001

CSIRO Molecular Science, Divisional Management Team


International Research Program Steering Committee

1998 – 2000

Member, CIBA Vision/CRC for Eye Research and Technology, SEE3

1998 – 99

Assistant Director, CRC for Cardiac Technology

1997 – 2003

Adjunct Professor, Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales

1997 – 2000

CSIRO Sector Component Coordinator – Biomaterials

1997 – 2000

Board Member, CRC for Cardiac Technology (rep CSIRO)

1997 – 99

Director – Accommodating Intraocular Lens Program, CIBA Vision/ CRC for Eye Research and Technology

1995 – 2001

Executive Committee Member, CRC for Eye Research and Technology

1995 – 99

Adjunct Professor, University of Technology, Sydney

1992 – 2000

Project Leader, CRC for Eye Research and Technology

1992 – 99

Key Researcher, Executive Committee Member and Project Leader, Cooperative Research Centre for Cardiac Technology

Professional Societies


Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors

2000 – 03

Member, Australian Research Management Society

1994 – 98

Treasurer, Australian Society for Biomaterials

1992 – 98

Committee, Australian Society for Biomaterials

1991 – 94

Member, Victorian Branch Membership Development Committee


Member, Australian Society for Biomaterials

1988 – 90

Member, Victorian Branch Committee

1988 – 90

Convenor, Victorian Branch Membership Development Committee


Chairman, Victorian Polymer Group


Member, Polymer Division Standing Committee


Royal Australian Chemical Institute

Other Professional Activities


Chair: Committee to audit CIBA Vision (USA) contact lens manufacturing process


Member, Human Resources Strategy Group, CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers; Chair (1997-98)

1992 – 94

Member of the Silicone Implants Panel of the Therapeutic Devices Evaluation Committee, Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health; consultant (1994- )

1989 – 93

Member of the Standards Australia Subcommittee on Laboratory Safety: Chemical Aspects and the Subcommittee on Laboratory Safety: Storage of Chemicals in Laboratories

1988 – 92

Safety Officer, CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers

Honours and awards


CSIRO Medal, RAFT Polymerisation Team


CSIRO Business Excellence Award (Relationship Management) CIBA Vision Team


Inaugural CSIRO Business Excellence Medal (Technology Transfer) Polyurethanes Technology Team


Australian Polymer Science and Technology Achievement Award; Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Polymer Division


Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute


CSIRO Medal, Specialty Polymers Team


William Culross Prize for Scientific Research (University of Adelaide)


  • Meijs GF, 2009, Personal communication.