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Knighthoods and the Companions of the Order of Australia


Prior to 1975 Australians were recognised through the British Imperial System. From 1976 to 1986 there was provision for the appointment of Knights and Dames in the Order of Australia. Removal of this provision does not affect pre-existing appointments. Knights and Dames are above Companion in the Order of Precedence.

Knighthoods are awarded to give recognition in any sphere of action or achievement. The origins of appointment as a Knight reach back into medieval history. The last appointment of an Australian as a Knight Bachelor was in 1989.

CSIRO staff to receive Knighthoods are:

Companions of the Order of Australia

The Australian system of honours and awards was established in 1975. The British Monarch is the Sovereign Head of the Order of Australia and the Governor-General is the Principal Companion and as Chancellor is charged with the administration of the Order of Australia. The Companion of the Order of Australia is the highest honour and is awarded for eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Australia or humanity at large.

CSIRO staff to receive an AC are: