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By June 20th, 2014

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Action Laser – Laser drilling
Adalta Pty Ltd – a spin-off company formed in 2007 to develop for clinical applications, a novel protein format (VNAR/NCAM scaffolds) invented by a team from the CRC for Diagnostics, led by Peter Hudson and Stewart Nuttall.
Advanced Magnesium Limited (listed ASX: ANM)
Advanced Polymerik Pty Ltd
AMT (Applied Mining Technologies) – technology transfer company for precision cutting of coal.
AorTech Biomaterials – See also Elast-Eon™ biocompatible polyurethane
Arana Therapeutics Limited (listed ASX: AAH) – taken over by Cephalon in 2009
Arista Cereal Technologies – See Partnership for new healthy wheats (Partnership)
Ascentia Pty Ltd – previously known as Barley Plus Pty Ltd
ATM Casting Technologies (Advanced Thixotropic Metallurgy Casting Technologies) – commercialises revolutionary high-pressure die-casting technology (HPDC) – See Heat treatment of high-pressure die-castings (Profile – Project)
AusFibres Pty Ltd – commercialises Australian production of non-wood fibre crops, particularly kenaf, for the manufacture of pulp and paper – See Kenaf: the forgotten fibre crop, 1998, The Australian News Crops Newsletter
Ausmelt – founded by CSIRO’s John Floyd the inventor of SiroSmelt; to commercialise the technology when CSIRO couldn’t find an Australian company to take on the finished science. Ausmelt is an international success with its smelters installed on every continent, processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals and reprocessing toxic wastes. In January 2010 Ausmelt was acquired by the Finnish conglomerate Outotec, and is now known as Outotec® Ausmelt.
Ausmodel Pty Ltd
Austek Microsystems – established in 1984 it produced a number of digital signal processing chips, the most successful products being cache controllers that enhanced the performance of the 80486 microprocessor systems. Company wound up in 1994.
Austherm Pty Ltd
Avipep Pty Limited – creating designer antibody fragments for diagnostic and therapeutic use



Barley Plus Pty Ltd – spin-off company developing functional foods; afterwards known as Ascentia Pty Ltd
Benitec Ltd (listed ASX: BLT) international biotechnology company specialising in RNA interference technology in the area of huan therapeutics – See also RNAi
Betabiotics Pty Ltd – biotechnology company to develop and commercialise new classes of antibiotics; established by CSIRO and IMBCom Pty Ltd
Beta Peptide Foundation Pty Ltd established to develop and sell Beta Alistine range of products; licenses technology from TGR Biosciences
Betatene Ltd –established to commercialise CSIRO’s technology for Culturing, harvesting and extracting β-carotene from the brine tolerant alga Dunaliella salina. Was sold to Cognis in 1993 which in turn was taken over by BASF in 2010 for €3.1bn. Under its new owners Betatene Ltd retains its position as the world’s major producer of β-carotene and related pigments all of which are manufactured in Australia. See ‘β-carotene industry establishment
BioCure Inc spin-off company, set up in the USA to research, develop and commercialise non-opthalmic applications of materials developed by the CRC for Eye Research and Technology
Biological Wool Harvesting Pty Ltd – commercialises CSIRO’s Bioclip technology – See Brochure: Now from Merial a wool harvesting system like no other
Biota Holdings Limited (listed ASX: BTA) floated on influenza virus drug discovery program based on CSIRO’s X-ray crystal structure of the N2 influenza virus neuraminidase coat protein – See also Relenza®
Boron Molecular Pty Ltd supplies specialist chemical products to pharmaceutical and other chemical industries; owned by Xceed Biotechnology



Calzada Ltd (listed ASX: CZD) a Melbourne based biotechnology company; acquired in February 2010 100% of PolyNovo Biomaterials Pty Ltd – See also NovoSorb™ biodegradable polymer
CAP-XX Pty Ltd (listed ASX: CPX) developed World’s highest power density commercially viable supercapacitor – See also Supercapacitors
Carbon Energy Pty Ltd formed in July 2006 as a 50/50 jointly controlled entity between CSIRO and Metex to commercialise underground coal gasification process technology that had been developed by CSIRO Exploration and Mining
CASSIRO – commercialisation of soil slotting and VFW (vertical upflow artificial wetlands); company disbanded in 1993
CasTec Australia Pty Ltd spin-off company, to commercialise CastFlow and CasTherm software packages
Catapult Genetics Pty Ltd – Name changed from Genetic Solutions Holding Pty Ltd and then was acquired in 2008 by Pfizer Animal Health
Cellestis Limited (listed ASX: CST) – See also Tuberculosis diagnosis in animals and humans
Ceram Polymerik established to commercialise Advanced Polymerik’s ceramic-polymer technology
Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd established to commercially develop a solid oxide fuel cell for electricity generation. Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd is now a world leader in developing fuel cell technology to generate highly efficient and low-emission electricity from widely available natural gas. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market and the Australian Securities Exchange (code CFU). See – Ceramic Fuel Cells
CO2CRC Technologies Pty Ltd – See also Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through carbon dioxide storage (Overview – Research)
Coal Gas Corporation Pty Ltd – a joint venture formed in July 2006 between CSIRO and the ASX-listed gold company Metex Resources Ltd to develop an innovative process for the gasification of currently unmineable underground coal deposits for power generation and liquid fuels; changed its name to Carbon Energy Pty Ltd and then Carbon Energy Ltd when Metex acquired 100% of the company in 2008 – See also CSIRO and Metex agree new joint venture, 2006 (Media Release)
ComEnergy – joint venture company, owned equally by CSIRO and ComEnergy to commercialise the Hybrid Coal and Gas Turbine system
Cotton Breeding Australia – joint venture, to fund cotton breeding and research programs for 10 years – See Joint venture to strengthen cotton breeding, 2007 (Media Release)
Cottonscope Pty Ltd a startup company set up by BSC Electronics for the commercialisation of Cottonscope instrument for measuring the maturiy of cotton fibre
Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd
CottTech – joint venture between CSIRO, Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd and the Cotton Research and Development Corporation [external links] CottTech will undertake a suite of new cotton biotechnology projects to raise the level of cotton research in Australia – See also CottTech – a new face in cotton research, 2005 (Media Release)
Cutting Edge Technology Pty Ltd spin-off to develop steep dip highwall auger mining system



DataTraceDNA Pty Ltd
Dunlena Pty Limited – See Collaboration between CSIRO and DuPont generates more than 50 patents (Partnership)



EcoBiotics spin-off company using rainforest extracts to make pharmaceuticals and pesticides
Ecogrow Environment Pty Ltd spin-off company, formed to commercialise CSIRO’s highly effective nematode biological control agents against insect pests – See also Entomopathogenic nematodes
EcoResearch – spin-off company, uses earthworms and organic waste material to conserve water and replenish soil
EcoSensors – spin-off company formed by Bill Matthew; on-stream and bulk analysis based on nuclear techniques for the mineral industry
Ecoult Pty Ltd company, trading name of Smart Storage Pty Ltd to market CSIRO’s UltraBattery technology – See also UltraBattery™
Elastomedic Pty Ltd now AorTech Biomaterials [external links] – See also Elast-Eon™ biocompatible polyurethane
EntoCosm Pty Ltd – spin-off company, to develop drugs from insect extracts – See New drug discovery spin-off from CSIRO,2002 (Media Release)
Environmental Isotopes Pty Ltd spin-off company; Australia’s first independent commercial stable isotope analytical service
EpiTactix spin-off company, to develop gallium arsenide compound semiconductor chips
EvoGenix Ptt Ltd (listed ASX: EGX) Peter Hudson, together with Bob Irving, Kim Wark and Stewart Nuttall developed technology for rapid protein evolution that was spun out from the CRC to form EvoGenix Pty Ltd. Peter was the founder and principal scientific advisor for EvoGenix (2002-2006) which eventually merged with Absalus, listed on ASX (2005), fused with Peptech into Arana Ltd (2007), and was acquired by Cephalon Inc (2010) and then by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (2012). At EvoGenix’s zenith in 2007, over 30 scientists were employed at the CSIRO Parkville laboratories with a market valuation of $50 million. A number of EvoGenix’s therapeutic leads are currently undergoing clinical development at Teva. In a parallel development in 2007, a novel protein format invented by the CRC team led by Peter and Stewart Nuttall (VNAR/NCAM scaffolds) was spun out to form AdAlta Pty Ltd for the development of clinical application
EzyMine Pty Ltd – a spin-off of CRC Mining – See CRC Mining: Technology Transfer



Fractal Graphics is a leading geoscientific consultancy established in 1992, that built a world-class reputation as leaders in the application of 3-dimensional visualisation technology as applied to the interpretation of complex geoscientific models. In early 2002, Fractal Graphics split to form the software development group Fractal Technologies Pty Ltd and geological consulting group Fractal Geoscience. In July 2002, Fractal Geoscience formed a new exploration company Geoinformatics Exploration Inc.
Fractal Technologies Pty Ltd formed from the split of Fractal Graphics
Funnelback Pty Ltd spin-off company formed to sell Enterprise search technology P@NOPTIC



Gene Shears Pty Ltd – established in 1989 to commercialise ribozyme (catalytic RNA) technology for therapeutic and agricultural applications – See Gene shears and CSIRO’s history: the 1980s – Gene shears (Fact Sheet)
Genesis Petroleum Technologies spin-off company, set up to commercialise Genesis software on a global scale
Genetic Solutions Pty Ltd spin-off genetic information technology company; name changed to Catapult Genetics Pty Ltd; acquired in 2008 by Pfizer Animal Genetics
Genscan / Microbial Screening Technologies Pty Ltd
Graingene Alliance joint venture between AWB Ltd, CSIRO Plant Industry, GRDC and Syngenta Seeds
Graeme Pearman Consulting Pty Ltd – contracting to both private and public sector organisations on climate – See Future Climate Associates
GroPep Pty Ltd founded in 1988 to commercialise intellectual property relating to a novel insulin-like growth factor (IGF) developed by CSIRO and the University of Adelaide. In 2000 it was listed ASX: GRO and in 2002 it took over the Sydney-based Biotech Australia; in December 2006 GroPep was acquired by the Danish company Novozymes A/S and became Novozymes GroPep Limited. The company sells growth factors and associated reagents (over 100 products) direct to university, institutional an industrial researchers, principally in the IGF area.



HRZ Wheats Pty Ltd – spin-off company, breeding and commercialising high-yielding, disease resistant, milling-quality wheat varieties for high rainfall zones; partnership between AUSGRAINZ and WA-based Export Grains Centre Ltd – See also Wheat breeding for Australia’s high-rainfall zone and CSIRO Plant Industry Newsletter – Winter wheats giving farmers more choice
Hydraulic Fracture Technology – joint venture between CSIRO and SCT Operations Pty Ltd aims to develop hydraulic fracturing as a technique for controlling caving behaviour in mining – See also Hydraulic fracturing: facilities and capabilities (Capability)
Hydrodec Group PLC Oil Re-Refining, Transformer Oil Testing (listed HYR:LN) – specifically formed to commercialise the Hydrodec (hydrodechlorination) technology for application worldwide; listed on the AIM in the London Stock Exchange in late 2004
HydroPem Pty Ltd
HySSIL™ Pty Ltd a technology company that develops and commercialises innovative building materials and products – See also HySSIL™ building material



Intalysis Pty Ltd Low frequency microwave moisture analysers – See also Coalscan – on-line analysis instruments for the coal industry
Integrated Spectronics Pty Ltd established by CSIRO’s Dr Terry Cocks in 1989 and has maintained a close association with CSIRO in space and airborne remote sensing instrumentation – See also Cleaning the steppes in central Asia, 1997 (Media Release)
Intellection Holdings Pty Ltd wholly-owned CSIRO spin-off company created to license QEM*SEM technology and QEMSCAN mineral analysis systems
Interscan Navigation Systems Pty Ltd – See also Radar




LiquaTech Turbine Company Pty Ltd spin-off / technology license company for hybrid coal and gas turbine – See also New system uses mine waste to generate clean power, 2002 (Media Release)
Lithic Technology Pty Ltd – licensing the Calcite In situ Precipitation System (CIPS) – See North-West Shelf gas platforms



MagSheet Pty Ltd – a joint venture spin-off company between Magnesium International and CSIRO; produces magnesium sheeting using CSIRO technology – See Ready to roll (Business opportunity) and Magnesium International options agreement with CSIRO
MDFRC (The Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre) a joint venture established in 1986-87 as the main focus for a Murray-Darling limnological research program. The Centre is a joint venture between Murray-Darling Basin Commission and CSIRO Land and Water, with long-term support from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – Australia
Mediaware International Pty Ltd developer of WEBFLIX software which analyses audio and video files using MPEG-2 standard
MIGfast Pty Ltd spin-off company manufacturing new welding tips which use on average 30% less energy than conventional tips, generate about 30% less carbon dioxide emissions, weld up to 50% faster, and last twice as long as current tips
Mincad Systems Pty Ltd
Mindata Australia Pty Ltd spin-off company, specializes in sensors and data systems for application at remote sites



Nautilus Minerals Inc listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange: NUS and London AIM: NUS – See also Seabed ore systems
Novozymes GroPep Limited (listed ASX: GRO) formerly GroPep



Optical Engineering Associates Pty Ltd – design and manufacture of optical systems, e.g. airborne hyperspectral sensors (i.e. HyMap™) – See The sky’s the limit for new CSIRO spinoff, 2001 (Media release)
OptiScan  (listed ASX: OIL) a global leader in the development and application of microscopic imaging technologies for medical markets
Outback Bushfoods – spin-off company specialising in Australian native foods



Pestat Pty Ltd spin-off company that commercialises research from CRC for Pest Animal Control
Phoslock Water Solutions Ltd (listed ASX: PHK)
Polymer Surface Technology Pty Ltd – See New company to commercialise SICOR bonding, 2003 (Media Release)
Polymerco Pty Ltd – company based on Biodegradable biocompatible polymer technology in conjunction with Southpointe Ltd and Boron Molecular Ltd now called PolyNovo Biomaterials Pty Ltd [external links] – See also Breakthrough polymer for bone repair, 2004 (Media Release)
PolyNovo Biomaterials Pty Ltd – See also Novosorb™ biodegradable polymer
Preschem Pty Ltd company that provides treatments to protect and beautify timber
Preston Group – high technology spin-off operation using UNIX-based computer programs for the allocation of resources; the computer programs were developed by Myles Harding for Ford Motors in Melbourne, and were subsequently applied to the scheduling of airline crews and the operation of airports; bought out by Boeing in 1999 – See Boeing acquires Australian software company, 1999 (Media release)
Prima BioMed Ltd (listed ASX: PRR)
Provisor Pty Ltd formerly the National Wine Industry Research Cluster, an incorporated proprietary company limited by shares



Quantm Ltd – markets Align 3D software – See Super system wins Aust technology award, 2001 (Media Release)



Radial Pacific – design studio company involved with aXcessaustralia Projects Ltd – See also Low emission vehicles
Radiata Inc – a spin-off company to commercialise key wireless networking technologies developed by CSIRO and Macquarie University; in 2000 Radiata was bought for $550 million by the IT giant, Cisco Systems Inc – See Cisco Systems to Acquire Radiata, Inc.
Red Engine Inc – founded by John Reid after he left CSIRO; developed and markets his invention, StakeOut software for security surveillance monitoring
Redfern Photonics – See also Redfern Photonics lands USD 28 million



Sain Solutions Pty Ltd – See also Ecologically sustainable fisheries and marine industries
SciVentures Investments Pty Ltd
Securency International Pty Ltd – See also Polymer banknotes
SemCor – consulting service, magnetic materials, electromagnets and electrical technology – See Design and Applications of Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Motors in Australia (EEC 94)
SiroChem Pty Ltd – chemical consultancy, Amdel Ltd and Sirotech Ltd
SiroMath Pty Ltd – mathematical consultancy
SiroMines – Geostatistical consulting company
SiroTech Ltd – technology transfer company formed to commercialise CSIRO technology – See Corporate entry: Sirotech Limited – CSIRO 1984-1993 (Encyclopedia of Australian Science)
Skiatech Pty Ltd – company formed with Nuctech Co Ltd to commercialise the next generation of air cargo scanners – See also Air Cargo Scanner
Smart Storage Pty Ltd – to develop and commercialise battery-based storage solutions, trading as Ecoult Pty Ltd was a joint venture between CSIRO and Cleantech Ventures [external links] – See also UltraBattery™
Starpharma Holdings Ltd (listed ASX: SPL)



T-Mag Pty Ltd commercialising the T-Mag magnesium-casting concept; joint venture between CSIRO, Alloy Technologies, Flotek and Sage Automation spun-out in 2007
TGR BioSciences commercialises research from the CRC for Tissue Growth and Repair




VacTX Pty Ltd
Vectogen – bought out by Imugene Ltd (listed ASX: IMU) – See also Chicken interferon gamma
Voconiq – launched in 2019 to scale up CSIRO’s community insights service, formerly called Reflexivity. It captures real-time insights into community sentiment across time and locations, and aims to help industries and communities build greater trust and mutually-beneficial outcomes.



WindLab Systems Pty Ltd wind energy projects
WLAN Services Pty Ltd – See Wireless LANs
WQI Limited NZ (Wood Quality Initiative Ltd, NZ) – equal shareholders are CSIRO and NZ Forest Research



XRF Scientific Ltd (listed ASX: XRF)
XRT Ltd developing and commercialising X-ray phase contrast imaging (PC) technology



Yandilla Mustard seed Oil Pty Ltd production of cold-pressed mustard seed oil



Z-TECH Pty Ltd – See Zirconia powders process


BioCure Inc spin-off company, set up in the USA to research, develop and commercialise non-opthalmic applications of materials developed by the CRC for Eye Research and Technology