Diethelm (Diet) Ostry

By March 22nd, 2011


Diethelm (Diet) Ostry graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics from the Australian National University. He spent an additional year in the ANU Physics Department under the direction of Dr RJ MacDonald doing postgraduate research into sputtering, the process by which material is ejected from solid surfaces by ion bombardment.

He joined the CSIRO Radiophysics Division in 1973 initially as a scientific programer to support the Interscan project which was aimed at developing a precision microwave landing system for aircraft (see also Interscan aircraft landing system).

Since then he has worked in a wide range of fields:

  • simulation of sampled systems
  • reflector antenna design
  • analysis and synthesis of acoustic signals
  • astronomical image reconstruction
  • analysis and design of ultrasound transducers for medical imaging
  • ultrasonic propagation in tissues
  • design of ultrasonic transducers and arrays for use in air
  • indoor wireless propagation and modulation methods
  • algorithms for visualisation of abstract information (at the University of Newcastle)
  • real-time visualisation of computer networks and traffic flows
  • long-range-dependent network traffic modelling
  • architecture for all-optical networks.

Since 2006, Mr Ostry has mainly focused on optical networks and developing secure communications protocols for wireless sensor networks.