Connections: 2 (1986)

By April 1st, 1986

A review of current activities in CSIRO for staff information.

A review of current activities in CSIRO for staff information.

CLINES Workshop/Conference
Librarians from all Divisions met in Melbourne to meet CLINES – a computer based system which will allow on-line access to CSIRO’s 1.5 million volumes and 40,000 serials.

The Great Race
The Victorian divisions annual run was held in Royal Park. One of the winners was Victoria’s sheet-metal apprentice of the year.

Tree Planting Auger
A new device which should revolutionize tree planting for farmers and foresters has been developed by the Division of Forest Research.

Animal Experimentation
Dr George Alexander from the Division of Animal Production, believes the aims and activities of animal liberationists are posing a threat to researchers and has set up a sub-committee to redress the situation.

In Search of the Perfect Guitar
Sydney guitar player and maker, Simon Marty, believes the guitars made today are not good enough and has sought assistance from the Division of Applied Physics and laser holography.

Cattle Clones
Dr Tim Williams, from the Division of Tropical Animal Science in Rockhampton has perfected a technique for the cloning of the fertilized eggs of cattle.

A brief survey of responses to CONNECTIONS 1.