CSIRO Chairman’s Medal 2013 – The Hendra Virus Research Team

By October 1st, 2013

Dr Deborah Middleton and the Hendra Virus research team from the Division of Animal, Food and Health Sciences. For their pioneering research that has led to the development of the first equine vaccine and a human treatment against the deadly Hendra virus. The Equivax® HeV horse vaccine, will save human lives by protecting horses from the disease, thereby breaking the only known Hendra virus transmission pathway from bats to humans. Team members: Dr Deborah Middleton, Professor Linfa Wang, Professor Christopher C Broder, Dr Jackie Pallister, Gary Crameri, Dr Katharine Bossart, Reuben Klein, Dr Mark Wareing, Dr JinAn Huang, Dr Trent Monroe, Jennifer Barr, Meng Yu, Jessica Haining, Rachel Arkinstall, Dr John Bingham, Dr Dimiter S Dimitrov, Dr Zhongyu Zhu, Dr Zia Hashmi, Dr Nigel Edwards, Dr Anthony Cameron, Dr Glenn Marsh, Dr John White, Sarah-Jane Eastwood, Leah Frazer, Dr Wojtek Michalski, Jean Payne, Jennifer Harper, Dr Mark Ford, Sandy Matheson, Noel Collins, Chris Darcy, Professor Martyn Jeggo, Dr Bryan Eaton, John Muschialli.