CSIRO Medals 1996 – Chairman’s Medal – Prof Graham Harris and the Port Phillip Bay Environmental Study Team

By June 1st, 1996

Graham Harris and colleagues (CSIRO Project Office, CSIRO Coal and Energy Technology; Mathematics and Statistics; Oceanography; Fisheries). For their work on the $12M four-year Port Phillip Bay environmental study resulting in a model of the Bay system, the only one of its kind in Australia and widely applicable to coastal marine environments. Valuable information for future Bay management was produced, and has already had a major impact on infrastructure plans in Melbourne. Team Leader: Professor Graham Harris (CSIRO Project Office). Team Members: Dr Graeme Batley (CSIRO Coal and Energy Technology), Dr Chris Crossland (CRC for Ecologically Sustainable Development of the Great Barrier Reef), Dr David Fox (CSIRO Mathematics and Statistics), Mr Douglas Hall, Mr Robert Molloy and Mr Brian Newell (PPBES Office), Dr John Hunter and Dr Stephen Walker (CSIRO Oceanography), Dr Peter Jernakoff, Dr Alexander Murray, Dr John Parslow and Dr Trevor Ward (CSIRO Fisheries), Dr Graham Skyring (SES Environmental Consultants).