CSIRO Medals 2006 – Business Excellence Medal – John Shaw and the Intellection Team

By November 1st, 2006

John Shaw and colleagues (CSIRO Minerals, CSIRO Corporate Commercialisation team and Intellection Pty LTd). For successfully transforming an innovative technical concept – Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals using Scanning Electron Microscopy (QEM*SEM) – into a vibrant, well capitalized, and rapidly expanding ‘born global’ company: Intellection Pty Ltd. Team Leader: Mr John Shaw. Seminal Contributors: Mr Howard Allingham, Ms Jan Bingley, Mr Gary Burge, Ms Debbie Carruthers, Ms Sureka Goringe, Mr Doug Knight, Ms Kathy Kociuba, Ms Julie Pulford, Mr Ian Reddoch, Mr Laurence Street, Mr Calvin Treacy (Intellection Pty Ltd) and Mr Kern Wyman.