CSIRO Medals 2007 – Research achievement – Prof Shahbaz Khan and the Irrigation Team

By November 1st, 2007

Shahbaz Khan and the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship – Irrigation Team (Water for a Healthy Country Flagship). For research that has significantly advanced the sustainable management of Australia’s water resources, specifically within the irrigation sector. Team Leader: Professor Shahbaz Khan. Team Members: Dr Akhtar Abbas, Tariq Rana, Dr Mohsin Hafeez, Dr Chris Smith, Dr Zahra Paydar, Dr Sarah Ryan, Ms Jiaxin Mu, Dr Shahbaz Mushtaq, Professor John Blackwell, Ismail Hirsi, Emmanuel Xevi, Saud Akbar, Murray Smith, Cui Yuanli, Brett Tucker, Siegfried Demuth and Demelza Brand.