CSIRO Medals 2010 – Chairman’s Medal – The Livestock Genomics Team

By June 1st, 2010

Ross Tellam and the Livestock Genomics Team (CSIRO Livestock Industries). For leadership of two international consortia and scientific contributions dedicated to decoding the genomes of cattle and sheep, positioning Australia as a global leader in transforming animal agriculture. Team members: Dr Ross Tellam, Dr James Kijas, Dr Brian Dalrymple, Dr Bill Barendse, Dr David Townley, Ms Abhi Ratnakumar, Mr Sean McWilliam, Mr Russell McCulloch, Mr Blair Harrison, Mr Rowan Bunch, Mr Wes Barris, Dr Rachel Hawken, Mr Paul Williams, Mr Ashley Waardenberg, Mr Dave Tang, Dr Ylva Strandberg Lutzow, Mr Warren Sim, Dr Lillian Sando, Mr Laercio R Porto Neto, Dr Aaron Ingham, Mrs Vicki Whan, Dr Evgeny Glazov, Mr Nick Corbet.