CSIRO Chairman’s Medal 2011 – The Cotton Breeding and Biotechnology Team

By October 1st, 2011

Greg Constable and the Cotton Breeding and Biotechnology Team (CSIRO Plant Industry). For the major impact achieved on Australia’s cotton production due to the breeding and deployment of the new cotton variety Sicot 71BRF. In 2010-11, 80 per cent of the record Australia crop area was sown with Sicot 71 BRF. Team members: Dr Greg Constable, Dr Warwick Stiller, Dr Danny Llewellyn, Peter Reid, Dr Shiming Liu, Chris Tyson, David Shann, Max Barnes, Kellie Cooper, Deon Cameron, Rebecca Warnock, Marilyn Smith, Kay Smith, Megan Smith, Sandra Magann, Chris Allen, Scott McCarron, Tom O’Connor, Judy Radik, Jackie Oliver, Judith Gaudron, Dee Hamilton, Ammie Kidd, Sam Lee.