John Deane [1949-2020]

By Colin WardFebruary 14th, 2011


Born in Sydney in 1949, John Deane graduated from Macquarie University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts (Maths). From 1971 to 1974, he worked as at computer programmer/analyst for Tooths.

He joined CSIRO Radiophysics in 1974 to support the Division’s computer (singular!). A series of low-level programming projects followed, including support for the Parkes 64 metre radio telescope control software, and the Epping 4 metre radio telescope. He developed the networked multi-computer control system for the Australia Telescope Bicentennial project and transferred to the Australia Telescope National Facility in 1988 where he worked until 1991.

From 1991, Mr Deane took over software development of the wireless networking testbed and contributed practical networking knowledge to the patent development. He contributed to international wireless networking conferences which resulted in an invitation from the IEEE to participate in their standardisation activities. This culminated in the IEEE 802.11 ‘WiFi’ local networking standard of 1999.

He worked with Macquarie University on a smart wireless network and provided computing and web support for a new ‘Smart Spaces’ group until 2003.

He has been President of the Australian Computer Museum Society since 2007.

He published seven books, including: A Picture History of Radiophysics and CSIRAC, Australia’s First Computer, three astronomy papers, ten networking papers and two patents: ‘Wireless LAN’ (Australia, Europe and USA) and ‘Wireless MAC’ (Australia).