Global Research Alliance annual meeting hosted by CSIRO

By May 3rd, 2012

Uniting international science and technology expertise to solve challenges in the developing world.

Chief Executives of nine of the world’s leading applied research agencies are meeting in Sydney this week to improve access by the developing world to science and innovation.

The members of the Global Research Alliance are: Battelle (United States of America), CSIR (India), CSIR (South Africa), CSIRO (Australia), Danish Technological Institute (Denmark), Fraunhofer (Germany), SIRIM(Malaysia),TNO (the Netherlands), and VTT (Finland).

“CSIRO recognises the importance of international collaboration and partnerships in meeting challenges and delivering impact on behalf of Australia”

Dr Megan Clark, CSIRO Chief Executive

Chief Scientist of Australia, Professor Ian Chubb welcomed the international delegation, including Australia’s CSIRO, which form the Global Research Alliance.

“It has become increasingly clear, to even the most scientifically and technologically advanced nations, that no nation can go it alone and no single country can lead in all fields,” Professor Chubb said.

“The Global Research Alliance is the conduit for us to share the breadth and depth of our collective science and technology resources and skills, and to translate this into affordable and sustainable solutions with positive and lasting impact for people in the developing world.”

Member organisations of the Global Research Alliance work collaboratively to create solutions to global challenges, such as water, energy, health, food security and digital access across Asia and Africa.

Professor Chubb identified the key role of Australia to play in the international domain.

“Australia has a long history of innovation, drawn from the harsh environmental challenges we’ve faced. Our participation in the Global Research Alliance, through CSIRO, leverages our potential to implement our international strategies and make a substantial contribution on a global scale,” Professor Chubb said.

“Science and innovation go hand in hand to develop appropriate and affordable solutions that will improve the quality of life. And the Global Research Alliance is the vehicle that can deliver this equality of access.”

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark said it was critical to recognise the importance and benefits of collaboration.

“CSIRO recognises the importance of international collaboration and partnerships in meeting challenges and delivering impact on behalf of Australia,” Dr Clark said.

“Internationally, alliances such as the Global Research Alliance mean that the resources and knowledge from across the world can be harnessed to address the challenges that we face as a global community, and enhancing the impacts CSIRO can deliver on behalf of the nation.” 

The GRA members Fraunhofer (Germany) CSIRO, CSIR South Africa, and  VTT (Finland) are currently undertaking a project in Sub-Sahara Africa (Zambia) to create and enable wireless infrastructure to create internet access relevant to the needs of the local community with possible deployment in connecting several health centres and a malaria hospital.

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