Myles Harding

By January 31st, 2011

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Myles Harding from CSIRO Manufacturing Technology, received in 1986 the CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for conceiving and developing two projects in robot vision and computer simulation that have emerged as world leaders in their fields. He was responsible for the development of a software approach to the allocation of resources including the scheduling of airline crews and the operation of airports. This led to the formation of the ‘spin off’ company, The Preston Group, to commercialise this activity. The company influenced the design and operation of many airports around the world and its approach is still being applied. It was brought out by Boeing as a wholly owned subsidiary and is now called Jeppesenn. Myles Harding was a partner in the original company, but as the company grew he went on to join Swinburne University of Technology as a Professor.

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