Herbert Eric Dadswell [1903-1964]

By Helen WolffNovember 25th, 2020

Dr. H. E. Dadswell was a pioneer in the field of wood anatomy and Australia's foremost expert in eucalypt anatomy.

Dr. H. E. Dadswell, D.Sc., Chief of the Division of Forest Products, died suddenly at his home in Melbourne in December 1964, at the age of 61.

After he graduated M.Sc. from the University of Sydney in 1927, his entire professional career was associated with CSIRO. He was selected as one of the first CSIR overseas Research Students and spent two years at the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory at Madison, Wisconsin. On his return to Australia he joined the Division of Forest Products, where he remained until his death.

He became a world authority on the structure, properties, and identification of Australian timbers, and during his career he published more than a hundred papers on this and related fields of research.

Dr. Dadswell was awarded the D.Sc. degree of the University of Melbourne in 1941, and in 1955 he served as the Walker-Ames Professor of Forestry at the University of Washington, Seattle.

He was President of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute in 1961-62.