David King

By March 15th, 2011


David King graduated from Monash University after PhD studies in physical chemistry focusing on kinetics of free radical polymerisation.

He joined the CSIRO Division of Textile Fibre Technology in 1990 and initially worked on many aspects of the colouration of natural fibres. These projects included:

  • environmental issues in dyeing such as heavy metals in wool dyeing and salt usage in cotton dyeing
  • product development including wool-cotton blends, Sportwool™ and Optim™
  • quality issues in dyeing including damage and diameter change
  • application of nanotechnology and conducting polymers to textiles.

Since 2006, Dr King has been part of a team involved in the development of carbon nanotube yarns to a commercial reality as part of the Future Manufacturing Flagship.

David is a member of the Editorial Panel of Coloration Technology.