Leucaena toxicity solution publications

By September 21st, 2010

The following publications detail the work involved in the development of CSIRO’s Leucaena toxicity solution.

Key publications

Jones RJ, Coates DB, Palmer B, 2009, ‘Survival of the rumen bacterium Synergistes jonesii in a herd of Droughtmaster cattle in north Queensland’, Animal Production Science, 49: 643-645.

Allison MJ, Mayberry WR, McSweeney CS, Stahl DA, 1992, ‘Synergistes jonesii, gen. nov., sp.nov.: A rumen bacterium that degrades toxic pyridinediols’, Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 15: 522-529.

Pratchett D, Jones RJ, Syrch FX, 1991, ‘Use of DHP-degrading rumen bacteria to overcome toxicity in cattle grazing irrigated Leucaena pasture’, Tropical Grasslands, 25: 268-274.

Jones RJ, Megarrity RG, 1986, ‘Successful transfer of DHP-degrading bacteria from Hawaiian goats to Australian ruminants to overcome the toxicity of Leucaena‘, Australian Veterinary Journal, 63: 259-262.

Jones RJ, 1985, ‘Leucaena toxicity and the ruminal degradation of mimosine’, in Plant toxicology, Seawright AA, Hegarty MB, James LF, Keeler RF (eds), Proceedings of the Australia-U.S.A, Poisonous Plants Symposium, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Yeerongpilly, Australia, pp 111-119.

Jones RJ, 1979, ‘The value of Leucaena leucocephala as a feed for ruminants in the tropics’, World Animal Review, 31: 13-23.


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Original papers

Quirk MF, Bushell JJ, Jones RJ, Megarrity RG, Butler KL, 1988, ‘Live-weight gains on Leucaena and native grass pastures after dosing cattle with rumen bacteria capable of degrading DHP, a ruminal metabolite from Leucaena‘, Journal of Agricultural Science, Cambridge, 111: 165-170.

Jones RJ, Ford CW, Megarrity RG, 1985, ‘Conversion of 3,4-DHP to 2,3-DHP by rumen bacteria’, Leucaena Research Reports, 6: 3-4.

Jones RJ, Lowry JB, 1984, ‘Australian goats detoxify the goitrogen 3-hydroxy-4(1H)pyridone (DHP) after rumen infusions from an Indonesian goat’, Experientia, 40: 1435-1436.