Mervyn Clarence Franklin [1905-1967]

By Helen WolffNovember 25th, 2020

Dr. M. C. Franklin was one of Australia's best known livestock scientists.

Dr. M. C. (Mervyn Clarence) Franklin was born in New Zealand and graduated with a M.Sc. from Auckland University in 1927.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in 1933 and joined CSIRO in
1939. Until 1960 he worked on a wide range of problems concerned with animal nutrition. In 1953, Dr. Franklin became the first McIlrath Fellow in Animal Husbandry.

A gathering of research officers, 1939

A gathering of research officers, 1939

A gathering of research officers, 1939 [Source: CSIRO Archives]

He was later appointed Director of the Meat Research Laboratory at the Camden Animal Husbandry Farm at the University of Sydney; in 1961 this was named the M. C. Franklin Laboratory by the Senate of the University.

In 1961 he moved to Brisbane to lead a newly created section of the Division of Animal Physiology to work on problems of beef production in northern Australia.

In February 1962 he was elected Fellow of the Australian Society of Animal Production.

Dr. Franklin was seconded to the Australian Meat Board in 1964 as Executive Officer of the Australian Cattle and Beef Research Committee.

Dr. Franklin’s research in animal nutrition has contributed materially to the sheep and cattle industry of Australia.

For twenty years he lectured in animal nutrition at the University of Sydney and thereby influenced many scientists now working in this field.

He played a leading part in the formation of the Australian Society of Animal Production and was its first Federal President.


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