New standards in water-sensitive urban development

By October 18th, 2006

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship has played a key role in the development of Western Australia’s largest master planned urban development.

Launched today by the state’s Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, the Hon Alannah MacTiernan, the Wungong Urban Water Master Plan is designed to support the creation of a vibrant community of around 40,000 residents.

The project is one of only two urban developments participating in the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship and sets new standards in integrated total water-cycle management, water-sensitive urban design and energy-efficient housing.

The project’s Director, CSIRO Land and Water’s Matt Taylor, says the Master Plan is the first of its kind to be developed in Australia.

“The project has delivered its sustainability agenda and set many valuable precedents such as: the initial preparation of a landscape structure plan, the creation of linear park avenues, preservation of Aboriginal heritage sites, an interconnected network of all public open space, district solar orientation and a new ‘place-based’ planning system,” Mr Taylor says.

As part of the project, CSIRO conducted a comprehensive water monitoring and modelling program to help predict the impacts of urban development on the natural environment. Data on water quality and quantity from surface and groundwater have enabled the team to identify preferred water management options and develop an innovative District Water Management Strategy for the new development. 

“The project’s Director, CSIRO Land and Water’s Matt Taylor, says the Master Plan is the first of its kind to be developed in Australia.”

The Strategy will save up to 75 per cent of scheme water each year – equivalent to 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“There are a number of components to this important goal,” Mr Taylor says. “These include water efficient fixtures, fittings and irrigation techniques in addition to using rainwater tanks and non-potable groundwater for irrigating gardens, flushing toilets and in washing machines. Stormwater will be managed to recharge the aquifer so the resource will be available during drier periods.”

“The Wungong Urban Water Master Plan creates innovative integration of community and environment that will result in social awareness and a unique lifestyle,” Mr Taylor says. “We hope that that the project will be used as a model to guide sustainable urban development in similar areas in WA and nationally.

The Wungong Urban Water Project is an initiative of the Armadale Redevelopment Authority in association with CSIRO and 36 other organisations.

Media are invited to attend the launch at 9.00am, on Wollaston Avenue, Brookdale.

High resolution images and sketches of the Master Plan area are available on request.

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Fast facts

  • Wungong Urban Water is Australia’s largest master planned development
  • The Master Plan is set to map the future direction of urban water management
  • The development will showcase new standards in water sensitive urban design