P@noptic™ search engine

By November 5th, 2010

Internet search engines like Google make it easy to locate websites, but that’s only half the job. Enterprise search is what allows visitors to locate goods, services and relevant information, within a website. CSIRO designed the P@noptic® search engine for corporate and government intranets and portals, but it can be used in almost any web search application.

Benchmarking studies show that P@noptic® significantly outperforms its competitors when retrieving key pages from enterprise webs, being up to twice as effective as most installed search engines. P@noptic® is currently used by many organisations including:

  • Australian Stock Exchange
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
  • NineMSN
  • University of Staffordshire
  • National Research Council of Canada.

In December 2005, a new company called Funnelback Pty Ltd was formed to accelerate the commercialisation of the P@noptic® technology, now called Funnelback®.