Sci-five: finalists in the BHP Science Prize (1984)

By June 1st, 1984

Sci-Five is a film about five very different young Australians who share an absorbing curiosity about the world. Each of the five has been a finalist in the BHP Science Prize and their projects provide a focus around which we explore their lives in more detail.

Geraldine, for example, has discovered a new species of goanna, and keeps a two-metre pregnant python in her room; Tim lives on a farm and has made an intimate study of wild duck behaviour; Lindy is interested in physiology and has experimented with the effects of common drugs on mice; Darren is a theoretical physicist with an original explanation for the ”red-shift” of distant galaxies and Robert has designed and built a highly effective computer-based system for tracking boomerangs.

The film aims to disprove the common assumption that science is ”too hard and too boring” an option for young people. It has no objective commentary, using instead the insights of the teenage scientists themselves. A mosaic structure juxtaposes and intercuts their stories to create a fascinating documentation of ideas and motives.