Statement regarding anti-counterfeit technology claims

By April 11th, 2013

The following statement was provided by Mike Whelan, Deputy Chief Executive Operations.

The allegations raised appear to be based on statements by a former employee who left CSIRO in 2009. The substance of these claims had not been raised with CSIRO before appearing in today’s press. We note the claims made by the SMH do not relate solely, or even primarily, to CSIRO (notwithstanding the headline under which the story ran) and that others are likely to be considering a response to these matters.

We are however making enquiries to establish the facts and test the veracity of the claims in so far as they relate to CSIRO. We are undertaking these enquiries as a matter of urgency, bearing in mind the need to follow due process.

We are also mindful of the impact these allegations have on our people and on our partners, as the integrity of our science is a core tenet of CSIRO’s operations.