Strategic Excellence Awards

By July 17th, 2019

From 2002 to 2008, CSIRO presented Strategic Excellence Awards. The awards are listed by type and year.

Award categories:

Go for Growth Award


Water for a Healthy Country Management Team, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, CSIRO Land and Water, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and CSIRO ICT Centre.

Exceptional research and supporting management practices have been demonstrated, resulting in a substantial improvement in the establishment of contracts and delivery of research outputs that deliver to CSIRO’s core roles of advancing national objectives and providing science-based solutions for the community.

Team members: Tom Hatton (Team Leader), Ian Prosser, Bill Young, Alan Gregory,Ross Ackland, Glen Walker, Scott Keyworth, Matthias Dengler, Paul Barnett, Carolyn Haskard, Paul Jupp, Tristy Falkenberg, David Ellis, Fiona Johnstone, Leane Regan and Sally Wilson.


RAFT Freedom to Operate Team, CSIRO Molecular Health & Technologies

The RAFT Feedom to Operate Team have restructed the commercial arrangements with DuPont providing both CSIRO and DuPont with the rights to exploit the RAFT Technology in their areas of interest. This enables CSIRO to exploit the technology as a platform for growth in the emerging and growing opportunity areas of renewable energy and nanomedicine and more broadly for both parties to maximise the uptake and impact of this pivotal technology.

Team members: Megan Fisher,Rick Aarons, Rajiv Cabraal, Geoff Houston, Anna Johnston, Gerry Wilson, Greg Simpson, Graeme Woodrow, Ezio Rizzardo, San Thang and Graeme Moad.


Plant Oils Research, Plant Industry

For developing a leading international plant oils research group generating nutritionally-improved food oils and novel industrial oils to underpin future growth and diversification of the Australian oilseeds industry.

Team members: Dr Allan Green and Dr Surinder Singh


P@NOPTIC Search Engine Team, ICT Centre

For the development of an enterprise Search Engine that allows users of an organisation’s website to find the right information they are looking for first time and achieving greater time saving and workplace productivity impacts, enhanced online revenues and more favourable user website experiences.

Team members: Dr David Hawking, Mr Stuart Beil, Mr Francis Crimmins, Mr Brett Matson, Mr Peter Thew, Mr Tom Rowlands, Dr George Ferizis and Mr Matthew Sheppard.

Winner 1 – Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment, CSIRO Marine Research

For the development of the Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment (SRFME), a broad collaborative research concept developed to promote a new direction in strategic environmental marine science by aligning CSIRO’s long-term research strengths with the WA State Government’s policy and natural resource management (NRM) agenda.

Team members: Dr John Keesing and Dr Nan Bray.

Winner 2 – e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO ICT Centre

For the development of the e-Health Research Centre, the largest single-funded e-health research and development facility in the southern hemisphere. A $15 million joint venture between CSIRO and the Queensland Government, this facility allows our world-class researchers to undertake research and development in chronic health conditions, with the aim of building knowledge on how the next generation of ICT can improve the delivery of patient centred health care.

Team members: Gary Morgan, Dr Anthony Maeder, Barb Lee, Justin Boyle, Catherine Daly, Dr David Hansen, Mrs Karen Harrap, Jean Jacquet, Dr Mohan Karunanithi, Athanasia Kassolos, Craig Kennedy, Colin Murphy, Marilla O’Dwyer, Dr Chaoyi Pang, Birgit Planitz, John Ryan-Brown and Dr Tim Wark.


Not awarded.


The Iron Ore Processing Team, CSIRO Minerals

For outstanding growth through the establishment of strategic alliances and excellence in service delivery. This involved restructuring the program and consolidating staff and equipment on one site, thereby removing geographic constraints to staff moving between projects and promoting more effective interaction amongst team members. The consolidation has positioned the program as a world-class research provider with state-of-the-art facilities and has resulted in increased industry funding over the last year.

Team members: Dr Ralph Holmes, Mr Jonathan Campbell, Mr Simon Campbell-Hardwick, Dr John Clout, Dr Mark Dell’Amico, Mr Jeff Douglas, Ms Angela Drabble, Mr Trevor Dunne, Mr Alex Edenton, Dr Andrew Firth, Mr John Garden, Mr Jasbir Khosa, Ms Kathy Laurenceson, Mr James Manuel, Mr Andre Metzeler, Mr Rod Nicholson, Mr Paul Nielsen, Ms Maureen O’Connor, Ms Anne Porter, Mr Ross Price, Dr Thressa Rowlands, Mr Rod Smyth, Mr John Theaker, Dr Alfonso Trudu, Mr Keith Vining, Ms Natalie Ware, Mr Jason Young and Dr Zhu Rui.

Look Out!!!Award


Climate Change in Australia Team, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research and Bureau of Meteorology

The Climate Change in Australia Team produced and released the most detailed and comprehensive set of climate change projections ever prepared for the nation. These projections are vital for decision-making across Australia. The projections include information on how temperature and rainfall will change as well as likely changes to winds, droughts, tropical cyclones and many other elements of climate.

Team members: Debbie Abbs, Julie Arblaster, Wenju Cai, Rob Colman, Tim Colman, Kate Harle, Lea Crosswell, Kevin Hennessy, Paul Holper, Mandy Hopkins, David Jones, Roger Jones, Kathy McInnes, Aurel Moise, Karen Pearce, Scott Power, Benjamin Preston, Ian Smith, Bertrand Timbal, Ian Watterson and Penny Whetton.


Adaptive Wireless Project Team, CSIRO ICT Centre

The Adaptive Wireless Project Team has developed new signal processing algorithms for wireless broadband communications, along with a new flexible demonstration platform, and have achieved world’s best spectral efficiencies, consolidating CSIRO’s world leadership in the field.

Team members: Iain Collings, Hajilme Suzuki, Boyd Murray, Jayasri Joseph, Rodney Kendall, Thangadurai Arivoli, Joseph Pathikuangara, Zhuo Chen, Zhongweli Tang and Matthew McKay.


Dr Peter Manins, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

For his work in helping to raise the standard of air quality impact assessments in NSW, in particular those relating to road and tunnel designs, by drawing attention to the much more advanced modelling tools of CSIRO.


Stimuli Responsive Polymer Additives Team, CRC-Polymers, CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies

The Stimuli Responsive Polymer Additives Team, of CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies, worked as part of a multi-disciplinary project, with the CRC for Polymers, to develop methods to control photochromic dye switching speeds in polymers.

Team members: Dr Richard Evans. Team Members: Dr Tracey Hanley, Dr Melissa Skidmore, Prof Thomas Davis, Ms Georgina Such, Dr Lachlan Lee, Dr Graham Ball, Dr David Lewis, Dr Nino Malic and Dr Jonathan Campbell.


CSIRO Weather Applications Team, CSIRO Atmospheric Research

For outstanding innovative development of weather applications and for developing new commercial markets in weather prediction.

Team members: Jack Katzfey, John McGregor, Kim Nguyen, Bob Cechet (Geoscience Australia), Russell Howden, Lars Katzfey, Harvey Davies and Michael Edwards.


Sentinel Team from CSIRO Land and Water

For developing and realising the Sentinel Hotspots vision, in collaboration with partners in the Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation (DIGO), Geoscience Australia and NASA.

Team members: Dr Alex Held, Mr Peter Dyce, Ms Lynne Griffiths, Mr Alan Marks, Ms Suzette Searle and Mr Garry Swan.


Not awarded

One-CSIRO Award


CSIRO Reunion Team, Forest Biosciences, Contract Administration, Legal and Human Resources

The CSIRO Reunion Team achieved the re-integration of the CSIRO capability in ENSIS back into CSIRO at the end of the Joint Venture, allowing CSIRO to “overcome impediments to cross-business unit collaboration”. In addition, CSIRO restructured the ENSIS joint venture to reduce the complexities of joint governance while retaining the strong scientific collaboration that had developed between CSIRO and Scion.

Team members: David Robson, Mae Gan, Raechel Gray, Anne Lawrence, Rob Mann, Elisabeth Opie, David Rehe, Brian Thomas, Lynda Berkahn, Clive Carlyle, Jamie Hague, Sarah King, Alan Koehler, Rose Lenaghan, Melissa Moyle,Phil Polglase, Simon Potter and Indra Tomic.


CSIROpod Team, CSIRO Media

CSIROpod – how a One CSIRO approach created a major science communication phenomenon. CSIROpod has allowed CSIRO scientists to share knowledge with colleagues and furthermore their science to the world.

Team members: Marilyn Chalkley (Team Leader), Kylie Johnson, Beck Eveleigh, Bill Stephens, Huw Morgan, Steve Nyhof, Justin McGuire, Matteo Montebello, Lisa Howdin, David Brew and David McClenaghan.


Winner 1 – The CSIRO Roadshow Team, Corporate Business Development

For staging a national series of high-quality and high-impact ‘Roadshows’ that actively engaged 656 of our most senior industry customers. The team won the award for their vision and tireless commitment to One-CSIRO behaviour over the twelve months of planning and staging such a large and complex activity.

Team members: Ms Dorothy Albrecht (leader), Ms Julianne Camerotto and Ms Tracey Nicholls. Other Contributors: Ms Sylvia Bell, Mr Bob Chamberlain, Ms Patricia Chronis, Ms Kelly Claudius, Ms Mary-Lou Considine, Mrs Linley Davis, Ms Jacqui Debattista, Mr Sam East, Dr Rick Ede, Ms Heather Forward, Mr Stephen Gilfedder, Mr Warrick Glynn, Dr Tom Hatton, Ms Kathy Hayes, Mr Ian Johnson, Mr Tom McGinness, Mrs Deanne Paisley, Ms Jenny Porter, Dr Raj Rajakumar, Ms Leane Regan, Ms Meg Rive, Ms Mandy Robinson, Prof Beverley Ronalds, Mr Craig Roy, Ms Nic Svenson, Mr Mark Squires, Ms Lisa Walker, Mr John Williams, Dr John Wright, Dr Marcus Zipper.

Winner 2 – The Oil and Gas Team, Wealth from Oceans Flagship

For assessing and integrating CSIRO’s diverse capabilities to deliver impact in the oil and gas industry through a coordinated, one- CSIRO approach, and to maximise our research strength and capability in this area through an effectively coordinated multidisciplinary program. This initiative utilises CSIRO’s differentiated advantage.

Team members: Dr Mayela Rivero Albarran, Dr Joanna Parr and Dr Bev Ronalds, Dr Matthew Dunbabin, Dr Cathy Foley, Dr Cedric Griffiths, Dr Patrick Hartley, Dr Edson Nakagawa, Claus Otto, Dr Phil Schmidt, Dr Tara Sutherland Dr. Nabil Noui-Mehidi and Dr. Karen Kozielski.

Runner Up – ICT Centre 2006 CeBIT Team

For a coordinated series of one-CSIRO activities for promoting CSIRO to the ICT Industry at CeBIT Australian 2006. This involved the management and implementation of a significant number of tasks and people that involved 8 Divisions and 2 Flagships. The highlights of the project were a one-CSIRO stand at the CeBIT Exhibition, an ICT industry dinner and a customer-centric video of CSIRO achievements in ICT.

Team members: Mr Tom McGinness, Mr Daniel Legovich and Ms Philippa V’landys.


The CSIRO Centre for Complex Systems Science, CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research

The success of the CSS program lies in its cross disciplinary collaboration, and the integration of skills not found within any single CSIRO division or university department. It has been highly effective in building an interdisciplinary network of researchers across CSIRO and beyond, who readily exchange techniques developed in one discipline with colleagues in another, in order to gain new insights into the behaviour of complex systems. Examples range from the ageless aerospace vehicle project to research directed at managing urban river systems.

The virtual Centre encompasses 21 interdisciplinary projects, across 14 Divisions, with most of the projects involving two or more Divisions. A small Core group provides strategic coordination for the Program and includes two post-docs with expertise in CSS. The nominated team comprises the Core Group members, the CSS Executive and the individuals who have coordinated the range of interaction activities instrumental in building the CSS network.

Team members: Dr John Finnigan, Dr Rachel Williams, Dr David NewthDr Markus Brede, Ms Jacqui Meyers, Mr Paul Walker, Dr David McDonald, Prof Ian Enting, Dr David Batten, Mr Philip Valencia, Dr Freeman Cook, Dr Fabio Boschetti, Dr Nicky Grigg, Dr Brian Walker, Dr Roger Bradbury, Mr Glynn Rogers, Prof Dave Winkler, Ms Cheryl Drew.


Crop Biofactories Initiative

Over the last several years, CSIRO and others have recognised that there is an emerging and exciting opportunity for the development of technologies that enable the production of chemicals from biological sources, principally in this example from non-food crops. From the beginning of this process in CSIRO we have recognised that success would require contributions from a broad range of disciplines, not contained in any single division, but(perhaps uniquely) available in CSIRO. Principally these skills would include chemistry, plant science, enzymatic synthesis and molecular biology. Further it was recognised that appropriate external partnerships, principally with the agricultural sector would need to be established. The big challenge in this area was not simply to recognise the broad opportunity of chemical production but to answer the specific question of which chemicals to produce, develop robust business cases, access sufficient funding and manage a project of sufficient scale to produce a commercially sustainable result.

Team Leader: Dr John Oakeshott (Entomology). Team Members: Dr Victoria Haritos (Entomology), Dr Allan Green (Plant Industry), Dr Surinder Singh (Plant Industry), Dr Greg Simpson (Molecular Science), Dr Phil Hendry (Molecular Science), Dr Lloyd Graham (Molecular Science),Dr Mike O’Shea (Molecular Science).
Runner Up 1 – Fast Track, CSIRO Business Development & Commercialisation

Team members: Kate Gradwell, Attila Brungs, Nicole Goldschmidt (previously Andrew Lacy), Annabel Forbes (replaced by Marie Louise-Symons), Tony Thomas (Replaced by Ewan Perrin), Ashley McConnell, Robert Beardow, Heath Carson, Penny Clayton, Carolyn Hart, David Lau, Karen Rogers, Jonathan Brabner, Noelene Treloar and Michael De Robertis.

Runner Up 2 – Careers Online Team

Team members: Ian Chalker (BETR Project), Melanie Herpen, Dianne Livingstone, Amanda Lawrence and Kathleen Rice.


Steering and Synthesizing the Agrifood Top 5 Flagship

The Agrifood Top 5 Flagship Project aims to accelerate the transformation of the Australian agrifood sector from a supplier of minimally-processed commodity exports to a preferred source of high-quality raw materials and processed products delivered to global food markets with an unrivalled product integrity, quality and safety. Initiated in 2003, it is one of the largest multi-Divisional activities undertaken in CSIRO. The project involves around 250 staff from 9 CSIRO Divisions working in multi-disciplinary research teams to develop new agrifood products and processing technologies. Working across CSIRO’s food and agricultural Divisions enables integrated whole-of-chain solutions to be implemented that maximise the chances of eventual market success.

Team members: Dr Allan Green, Ms Marie Avellana, Mr Andrew Chalmers, Dr Martin Cole, Dr David Cox, Dr John Curran, Dr Gregory Harper, Ms Cher Jones, Dr Anna Koltunow, Dr Matthew Morell, Dr Laurie Piper, Dr Nigel Preston, Dr James Ridsdill-Smith, Dr Peter Rothlisberg, Dr Ranjan Sharma, Dr Geoff Smithers, Dr Cindy Stewart, Dr David Topping, Dr Carlene Wilson and Dr Rob Woolaston.


The Mineral Processing Biotechnology Team

For initiating and conducting a cross-divisional, collaborative research project to develop lower-cost, benign biotechnology for mineral processing.

Team members: Dr Helen Watling, Melissa Climo, Peter Franzmann, John Gibson, Rebecca Hawkes, Philip Hendry, Martin Houchin, Craig Klauber, Haiyan Lan, Chun-Qiang Liu, Patrick Merrigan, Peter Nichols, Renée Outram, Jason Plumb, Mark Rayner, Wendy Robertson, Matthew Stott, Rachel Tiller-Jeffery, Meredith Wilkes, and Luke Zappia.

Partnership Excellence Award


CSIRO / Department of Climate Change National Carbon Accounting Team, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences and Department of Climate Change.

CSIRO and the Department of Climate Change National Carbon Accounting Team have worked together since 1999 to develop a world-leading National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS) which can monitor and predict at fine spatial scales greenhouse gas emissions and uptake from land-based activities across all Australia.

Team members: John Raison, Peter Caccetta, Suzanne Furby, Gary Richards, Xiaoliang Wu, Rob Waterworth, Nikki Fitzgerald, Norm Campbell, Joanne Chia, Jared O’Connell, Jeremy Wallace, Peter Snowdon, Keryn Paul, Partap Khanna, Trevor Booth, Phil Polglase, Jan Skjemstad and Jeff Baldock.


Winner 1 – Energy Futures Forum Project Team, Energy Transformed Flagship

For convening and managing the Energy Futures Forum, a unique exercise that brought together Australia’s energy and environment stakeholders to identify plausible scenarios and their implications for the nation’s energy future.

Team members: Mr Paul Graham, Dr John Wright, Dr Roger Jones, Benjamin Preston, Anna Littleboy, Naomi Boughen, Kim Phillips, Dr Luke Reedman, Franzi Poldy and Josephine Cheng.

Winner 2 – Lower Murray Landscape Project Team, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship

This ambitious tri-state partnership has enabled the triple bottom line assessment of the costs, benefits, and trade-offs of alternative landscape futures for the riverine and agricultural landscapes of Australia’s Lower Murray region. The analysis is helping regional agencies and government review and improve their natural resources management plans. This research contributes to the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship.

Team members: Jeff Connor, Brett Bryan, Rebecca Doble, Glen Walker, Wayne Meyer, Sarah Ryan, Neville Crossman, Darran King, Trevor Pickett, Matt Stenson, Amgad Elmahdi, Enli Wang, Geoff Barrett, Wendy McIntyre, Lorraine Bates, Catherine Johnston and David Kaczan.


The SARS team, CSIRO Livestock Industries

For outstanding achievement in the growth of a rapid-response global research partnership which has been instrumental in discovering the source of the SARS virus.

Team member: Dr Linfa Wang


Winner 1- The Maldives Tsunami Task Force, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

For assembling and leading the Australian contingent of reef system experts to assist with an assessment of reef damage in the Maldives islands, under the auspices of AusAID.

Team members: Dr John Gunn, Dr David Milton, Ms Anne Domaradzki, Mr Hugh Sweatman, Mr Angus Thompson, Ms Mary Wakeford, Mr David Wachenfeld, Mr Kevin Parnell, Mr Laurie Engel, Abdulla Naseer, Hussain Zahir, Mohammed Shiham Adam, aha Waheed, Ismail Haleem, Yousef Shafiu, Ibrahim Naeem, Ahmed Najeeb, ofi Ahsan Adam.

Winner 2 – Mallee Sustainable Farming Team, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

For developing the bold idea of a tri-state participative R&D project with the principal objective of increasing the adoption of sustainable but profitable farming systems across the entire low-rainfall Mallee regions of SA, NSW, and Victoria through strong and on-going collaboration between numerous agencies, organisations and individuals, and the development of linkages across state borders that in the past had been a difficult to achieve. The initial partners included GRDC, Agriculture Victoria, Department of Natural Resources & Environment (Vic), Primary Industries South Australia, Department of Land & Water Conservation (NSW), NSW Agriculture, the University of South Australia, and numerous local farmers.

Team members: Dr David Roget, Dr Gupta Vadakattu, Mr Bill Davoren, Mr John Coppi, Dr Victor Sadras, Dr Jeff Baldock and Dr Gary O’Leary.

Winner 3 – Western Australian Marine Science Institution, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

For establishing the vision for a Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI), to be established as a strong partnership among 14 Western Australian marine research, education and natural resource management organisations and private companies resulting in a successful $21 million funding application from the Western Australian Government.

Team members: Dr John Keesing, Dr Tony Haymet, Dr Peter Rogers, Dr Bernard Bowen and Prof Alastair Robertson.


Food Science Australia (FSA) joint venture

For being an outstanding example of successfully reaping added benefits to industry and Government through a joint venture with the Department of Primary Industries. Food Science Australia itself is now a partner in the two National Food Industry Strategy Centres of excellence and takes the National leadership role in food science and technology with other States.

Team members: Ian Gould (FSA) and Margaret Darton (DPI), Dr Bruce Kefford (DPI), Dr Leigh Schwartzkoff (FSA), Dr Michael Eyles (FSA), Chris Langslow , Prof Alastair Robertson (FSA), Judy Marcure (FSA), Alan Tooth (FSA Board), Staff of Food Science Australia Werribee, Staff of Food Science Australia North Ryde, Staff of Food Science Australia Cannon Hill, Staff of Department of Primary Industries.


The Ocean Forecasting Australia Team, CSIRO Marine Research

For planning an ocean forecasting system for Australia using the latest technological advances in ocean observation and modelling in support of the strategic needs of the three partner agencies – CSIRO, BoM and RAN.

Team members: Dr. Gary A. Meyers, Mr Rick Bailey, Cmdr Craig Roy, Dr Neville R. Smith, Dr Andreas Schiller.


The Rodent Research Team, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

This award articulating CSIRO’s commitment to increasing the number and quality of its partnerships with other organisations goes to the Rodent Research Team from the Division of Sustainable Ecosystems. It recognises the group’s highly effective partnerships with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research an the International Rice Research Institute, providing international leadership, scientific expertise and training in ecologically based management of rodent pests in Australia and Asia.

Team members: Dr Grant Singleton, Dr Ken Aplin, Mr Peter Brown, Dr John Copland (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research), Mr Micah Davies, Dr K.L. Heong (International Rice Research Institute, Los Banos, Philippines), Dr Lyn Hinds, Dr Jens Jacob, Mr Dean Jones, Prof Charles Krebs (University of British Columbia, Canada), Ms Katrina Leslie, Dr Roger Pech, Dr Grant Singleton and Dr Sudarmaji (Indonesian Institute for Rice Research, Sukamandi, Indonesia).

Service from Science Award


Equine Influenza Outbreak Team, CSIRO Livestock Industries

The CSIRO Livestock Industries Equine Influenza Outbreak Team at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong made a significant contribution to the national effort in the control and eradication of the disease.

Team members: Martyn Jeggo, Peter Daniels, Michael Johnson, Jef Hammond, James Watson, Wojtek Michalski, David Henry, Chris Morrissy, Paul Selleck, Anna-Maree Axell, Axel Colling, Samantha Gibbs, Kim Halpin, Eric Hansson, Ian Pritchard, Trevor Taylor, John White, John Young, John Bingham, Deborah Middleton, Alex Hyatt, Jane Swingler, Wendy Ha, Timothy Bowden, Peter Durr, Kerrie Ryan, Som Sittidilokratna, Glenn Marsh, Tony Pye, Ross Lunt, Meng Yu, Linfa Wang, Lynda Wright, Igor Zupanovic, Hans Heine, Adam Foord, Suzanne O’Dowd, Yu Cao, Agnieszka Michalewicz, Veronica Olsen, Susanna Daglas, Marie Hosking, Sandra Crameri, Julie Cooke, Christine Duch, Kerri Bruce, Winsome Goff, Diane Green, Gaylene Gould, Timothy Hancock, Jessica Klippel, Suzanne Lowther, Jennifer McEachern, Nicole McLure, Kim Newberry, Suzie Hammond, Anne Partridge, Shane Riddell, Christina Rootes, Darren Schafer, Kaylene Selleck, Lee Trinidad, Catherine Williams, Patricia Hutchinson, Carol Wykes, Rosey Van Driel, Victoria Boyd, Tracey Hinton, Jessica Watson, Antonio Di Rubbo, Peter McWaters, Carole Scott, Michael Batson, David Reid, Giovanni Bianchi, Bernadette O’Keefe, Andrea Certoma, Katharine Bossart, Donna Boyle, David Boyle, Jackie Pallister, Rhonda Voysey, Gary Gould, Sue Mahoney, Emma Wilkins, Judith Maunders, Jason Burville, Emma Watkins, Paul Conforti, Alan Edwards, Michael Fanning, Ian Harrison, Julian Illes, Nick Lombardi, Milton Howard, Denis Gladman, Ian Norton, Margaret Ryan, Margaret Di Marzo, Michelle Giles, Jill King, Carol Michell, Howard Philpott, Maria Russell, Gordon Abraham, Mat Bojmic, Peter LeBlanc Smith, Peter Rodgers, Colin Northwood, Chris Morrissy, Peter Kavenagh, David Walker, Mark Rechenberg and Susan Juzva.


Alphachron Instrument Commercialisation Team, CSIRO Exploration and Mining

The Alphachron Team has designed, developed and globally sold an innovative helium extraction and measurement instrument. The technology was licensed to Australian Scientific Instruments, implementing a new model for CSIRO engagement with the Australian SME sector.

Team members: Brent McInnes, Brad McDonald, Noreen Evans, Tim McLennan, Peter Crowhurst and Des Patterson.


Winner 1 – The Virtual Critical Care Unit, CSIRO ICT Centre

For the research, development and technology transfer of the Virtual Critical Care Unit, a transformational delivery outcome for healthcare.

Team members: Dr Laurie Wilson

Winner 2 – MolSAR Technology Development Team, CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies

The MolSAR team have developed a very useful, robust modelling tool for the pharmaceutical and allied industries. It has been evaluated by a major multi-national corporation, Bio-RAD, and they have licensed it. The technology has been transferred and the product is now on the market.

Team member: Prof David Winkler.


Winner 1 – Catchment Modelling Toolkit, CSIRO Land and Water

For the development of the Catchment Modelling Toolkit, a collection of software, frameworks, models, data and supporting documentation that is intended to improve the standard of catchment modelling in Australia. It is both a mechanism for delivering science to the land and water management industry and a collaboration-enabling platform for the research and development community supporting that industry.

Team members: Mr Geoff Podger and Mr Joel Rahman. Team Members: Mr Jake MacMullin, Mr Jean-Michel Perraud, Mr Shane Seaton, Mr Harold Hotham, Dr Peter Hairsine, Mr Nick Murray, Ms Susan Cuddy, Mr John Coleman, Mr Geoff Davis, Mr Robert Bridgart, Dr Peter Wallbrink, Mr Andrew Freebairn, Mr Ben Leighton, Dr Scott Wilkinson, Ms Yun Chen, Mr Warrick Dawes, Dr Mat Gilfedder, Mr Matt Stenson, Mr Arthur Read and Dr Rob Vertessy.

Winner 2 – The Vapormate® Team, CSIRO Entomology

For the development of VAPORMATE®, a fast-acting, safe and versatile fumigant to the Australian grain industry.

Team members: Dr Victoria Haritos, Mrs Katherine Damcevski, Mr Greg Dojchinov, Ms Gaye Weller.


Winner 1 – Wind Energy Research Unit, CSIRO Atmospheric Research

For conducting pioneering research effort to establish wind energy prospecting and wind energy forecasting in Australia, which greatly assisted the emerging renewable energy industry and demonstrated Australia’s wind energy potential to governments and industry.

Team members: Dr Peter Coppin, Dr Keith Ayotte (Windlab Systems), Dr Nathan Steggel (Windlab Systems), Chris Price, Robert Davy, Chris Russell, Richard Hurley, Dr Peter Hurley, Rob Dark, Mark Kitchen and Chris Drury.

Winner 2 – Grain Protection Genes, CSIRO Entomology

For developing the opportunities and successfully negotiating a $20 Million joint venture with CSIRO’s largest client – the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Team members: Dr Peter East, Sid Jain, Dr John Curran, Dr John Oakeshott, Dr James Ridsdill- Smith and Mark Hardwick.


Australian National Insect Collection Volunteers and Honoraries, CSIRO Entomology

For the achievements of the volunteers and honorary fellows who have donated their time to CSIRO’s Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) which is utilised by organisations and researchers.

Team members: Mr Tom Van Gerwen. Team Members: Ms Cynthia Beasley, Mr Ted Beasley, Dr George Bornemissza, Ms Jennifer Campbell, Miss Jo Cardale, Dr Mary Carver, Ms Judith Clark, Mr Glenn Cocking, Dr Don Colless, Dr Ian Common, Mrs Helen Crompton, Dr Max Day, Ms Claire Edwards, Dr Matthew Gibbins, Mrs Barbara Hartley, Ms Alex Hodgson, Ms Mary James, Miss Fiona Johnson, Dr John Lawrence, Ms Erica Leslie, Ms Mary Lockett, Mrs Inelda Lovi, Dr Peter Macnicol, Mr Tony Martin-Jones, Mr Barry Mayfield, Mr Ray McInnes, Mr Clifford Meyer, Dr Leigh Miller, Dr Barry Moore, Dr Laurence Mound, Mr You Ning Su, Ms Claire Parmeter, Mrs Beryl Reed, Prof Barry Richardson, Ms Christine Roach, Ms Rita Romaniuk, Mr Alexander Roy, Mr Francisco Tula-Portillo, Ms Lydia Waldron, Mr Kenneth Webster, Mr James Woodman and Dr Elwood Zimmerman.