Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project


The Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project has developed an assessment of the current and likely future extent and variability of surface water and groundwater resources in Tasmania.

Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project assessment regions

Results from this project will help governments, industry and communities consider the environmental, social and economic aspects of the sustainable use and management of the precious water assets of Tasmania based on the best available information.

Tasmania was divided into five project regions for which assessments were undertaken:

• Arthur-Inglis-Cam (including Flinders and King islands)
• Mersey-Forth
• Pipers-Ringarooma
• South Esk
• Derwent-South East

This project was funded by the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities under the Water for the Future initiative.



These reports examine current and future surface water and groundwater availability for the whole-of-Tasmania and for the five regions assessed as part of the Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project.

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Whole of Tasmania reports


Regional reports

Region reports have been prepared for the following five project regions for which assessments of surface water, groundwater and ecology were undertaken:

A glossary is available: Water-related terminology for Tasmania: glossary, acronyms and units of measure.

Supporting documents

The following supporting documents were developed as part of the Tasmania Sustainable Yields Project:

Related documents

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