The CSIRO Collaboration Medal

By April 4th, 2022

Introduced in 2018, this medal recognises the most outstanding project involving staff members from three or more Business Units to resolve a significant challenge for CSIRO.


Awarded to the Surgical Mask Testing Team for establishing Australia’s first NATA-accredited testing facility for single-use surgical masks, working together as a multidisciplinary team, and assisting Australian companies and Governments with this vital facility during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team members: Louis Kyratzis, Geoff Dumsday, Sue Barrett, Nicholas Ebdon, Jacinta Poole, Heng Taing, Yen Truong, Jurg Schutz, Shaun Smith, Christopher Preston, Peter Haggar, Roshan Dodanwela, Sally Johnson, Greg Blease, Ali Green, Emma Malcolm, Hishani Prabaharan, Jyothi Ramamurthy, Wayne Ganther, Lucy Cotter, Yvonne Douglas Isabelle Miller, Tony Pierlot, Dung Ngo, Mark Burgess, Damien Hewish, Shane Caulfield, Mark Ridgway, Michael Hayes, Mark Hogan.


Awarded to the COVID-19 vaccine development team. The COVID-19 vaccine development team rapidly pivoted and actively engaged in the global pursuit of vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Team members: Tram Phan, Judy Scoble, Susie Nilsson, Mylinh La, Lesley Pearce, Lukasz Kowalczyk, Louis Lu, Tam Pham, Paul De Barro, Rob Grenfell, Peter Kambouris, George Zhou, Pat Pilling, Alex Caputo, Laura Castelli, Hanh Pham, Luisa Pontes-Braz, Denis Bauer, Lynda Watson, Trevor Drew, Debbie Eagles, Dwane O’Brien, Seshadri Vasan, Fiona Napier, Keith McLean, George Lovrecz and Tim Adams.

Awarded to Northern Australian Water Resource Assessment (NAWRA) team. The NAWRA is the world’s most extensive, multi-disciplinary water resource study, involving a team of more than 180 people. NAWRA has created value for various customers, with the research outputs actively used by governments, industry, communities, individual land holders, and developers to inform resource planning, management and investment decisions.

Team members: Cuan Petheram, Chris Chilcott, Ian Watson, Caroline Bruce, Seonaid Philip, Thea Williams, Andrew Ash, Carmel Pollino, Andrew Taylor, Marcus Barber, Chris Stokes, Justin Hughes, Peter Stone, Simon Irvin, Joanne Vanderzalm, Jamie Vleeshouwer, Perry Poulton, Linda Merrin, Danial Stratford, Chris Turnadge, Ilisapeci Lyons, Ben Harms, Jason Hill, Ross Searle, Henry Smolinski, Mark Thomas, Dennis Van Gool, Peter R Wilson, Peter L Wilson, Ang Yang, Lee Rogers, Steve Charles, Steve Marvanek, Sharyn Butts, Fazlul Karim, Ursula Zaar, Glenn Harrington, Jackie O’Sullivan, Rob Kenyon, Brendan Ebner, Lynn Seo, Phil Davies, Steven Clohessy, Elisabeth Bui, Daryl Nielsen, Mila Bristow, Chris Ham, Rob Cossart, Tony Webster, Cate Ticehurst, Arthur Read, John Gallant, Rebecca Doble, Di Prestwidge, Neil MacLeod, Stephen Yeates, Jorge Pena Arancibia, Rocio Ponce Reyes, Jon Schatz, Warrick Dawes, Dennis Gonzalez, Declan Page, Steven Tickell, Linda Gregory, Neville Herrmann, Seija Tuomi, Jane Addison, Diane Jarvis, Bill Wang, Ian Baker, Amar Doshi, Greg Coman, Dean Musson, Des Yin Foo, Sally Tetreault Campbell, Alan Moon, Dean Paini, Jeff Benjamin, David Fuller, Andrew Northfield, Phillip Jordon, Andrew MacIntosh, Marie Waschka, Jim Austin, Neil Sims, Tim McVicar, Tom Van Neil, Lingtao Li, Adam Liedloff, Ben Stewart-Koster, Russell Crosbie, Dharma Ariaratnam, Mischa Turschwell, Kate Cranney, Karen Barry, Siobhan Duffy, Richard George, Ali Wood, Ramneek Singh, Geoff Hodgson, Mark Glover, Jai Vaze, Drue Edwards, Maryam Ahmad, Tony Grice, Simon Kitson, Anne Lynch, Alison Laing, Alan Niscioli, Jeda Palmer, Alice Berthet, Greg Browning, Andrew Dowdy, Paul Feikema, Simon Gallant, Paul Gregory, Prasantha Hapuarachchi, Harry Hendon, Yrij Kuleshov, Andrew Marshall, Murray Peel, Phil Reid, Li Shi, Todd Smith, Matthew Wheeler, Janet Anstee, Olga Barron, Elizabeth Botha, Eric Lehmann, Matt Paget, Garth Warren, Emily Barber, Rik Buckworth, Mathilde Cadiegues, Aijun (Roy) Deng, Christian Moeseneder, David Morgan, Barbara Robson, Jordi Batlle-Aguilar, Kevin Cahill, Tao Cui, Peter Dillon, Graham Herbert, Anthony Knapton, Sandie McHugh, Stan Smith, Nick Smolanko, Axel Suckow, Daniel Wohling, Carol Farbotko, Emma Woodward, Kaitlyn Andrews, Dan Brough, Daniel Easey, Bart Edmeades, Jace Emberg, Neil Enderlin, Karen Holmes, Angus McElnea, David Morrison, Anthony Ringrose-Voase, Francis Wait, David Fleming, Andrew Higgins, Nerida Horner, Judy Jones, Jacqui Lau, Lisa McKellar, Asmi Wood, Dushmanta Dutta, Quanxi Shao, Peter Hill, Klaus Joehnk, Benson Liu, Indran Pillay, Rebecca Bartley, Liz Stower, Stephen McFallan, Philip Jackson, Amy Edwards, Jacky Rigby, Rachel Harm, Suzanne Blankley, Brendan Speet, Andrew Freebairn, Nathan Dyer and Joely Taylor.


Awarded to the Australian National Outlook 2019 (ANO 2019) – the result of a 2-year, highly collaborative and unique process that combined CSIRO’s integrated modelling and research with the input of 50 leaders from more than 20 leading Australian industry, not-for-profit and education sector organisations.

ANO 2019 brought together science, business, research and community leaders to identify what will make the biggest difference to Australia’s future prospects; explore nationally significant issues, risks and opportunities; and how we might respond to secure future prosperity. Industry partner: National Australia Bank.

Team lead: James Deverell
Team members: Vivek Srinivasan, Dr Andrew Rendall, Dr Tim Baynes, Max Temminghoff, Thomas Brinsmead, Mike Grundy, Paul Graham, Dr Jenny Hayward, Dr Luke Reedman, Martin Nolan, Dr Ray Marcos-Martinez, Dr Nhu Che, Dr Yingying Lu, Dr Katherine Wynn, Maryam Admad, Kevin Hennessy, Ben Creagh, Melina Gillespie, Dr Stuart Whitten. Rob Kelly, Cameron Butler, Philip Adams.


Energy Use Data Model (EUDM) for pioneering multi-disciplinary work in the collection, harmonisation, enhancement and publication of energy data for Australia.