The CSIRO Collaboration Medal

By July 16th, 2019

Introduced in 2018, this medal recognises the most outstanding project involving staff members from three or more Business Units to resolve a significant challenge for CSIRO.


Awarded to the Australian National Outlook 2019 (ANO 2019) – the result of a 2-year, highly collaborative and unique process that combined CSIRO’s integrated modelling and research with the input of 50 leaders from more than 20 leading Australian industry, not-for-profit and education sector organisations.

ANO 2019 brought together science, business, research and community leaders to identify what will make the biggest difference to Australia’s future prospects; explore nationally significant issues, risks and opportunities; and how we might respond to secure future prosperity. Industry partner: National Australia Bank.

 Team lead: James Deverell
Team members:
Vivek Srinivasan, Dr Andrew Rendall, Dr Tim Baynes, Max Temminghoff, Thomas Brinsmead, Mike Grundy, Paul Graham, Dr Jenny Hayward, Dr Luke Reedman, Martin Nolan, Dr Ray Marcos-Martinez, Dr Nhu Che, Dr Yingying Lu, Dr Katherine Wynn, Maryam Admad, Kevin Hennessy, Ben Creagh, Melina Gillespie, Dr Stuart Whitten. Rob Kelly, Cameron Butler, Philip Adams.


Energy Use Data Model (EUDM) for pioneering multi-disciplinary work in the collection, harmonisation, enhancement and publication of energy data for Australia.