The CSIRO Trusted Medal

By Sally CrossmanDecember 23rd, 2022

This Award recognises and promotes significant contributions to enhancing our research and reputation as a trusted advisor, by engaging with and providing benefit to the Australian community.


2023 CSIRO Presents: Everyday AI Team

For launching the highly successful ‘CSIRO Presents: Everyday AI’ podcast, bringing together experts and adopters to unpack AI in an engaging, educational, and hype-free way. 

Team members: Alexandra Persley, Eliza Keck, Rachel Lee, Henry Stentiford, Eamonn Bermingham, David Ireland, Ivy Wong and Jon Whittle. 


2022 JEV Outbreak Response Team

For providing urgent testing, expertise and communications that underpinned Australia’s response to the 2022 Japanese encephalitis virus outbreak (JEV), through a collaborative one-CSIRO approach that was recognised by state and federal agencies.

Team members: Paul De Barro, Keith Hayes, ​Prasad Paradkar, James Watson,​ David Williams, Peter Durr,​ Chris Chelvan, Sian Stringer,​ Mark Ford, Timothy Bowden, Matthew Neave, Jennifer Harper, Jianning Wang, Naomi Watson​, Julie Cooke, Brenda van der Heide​, John Bingham, Melynda Hargreaves,​ Willy Suen, Tristan Reid, Dwane O’Brien, Antonio Di Rubbo, ​Fiona McFarlane, Brendan Trewin, ​Peter Caley, Andy Sheppard, ​Melissa Klein, Sarah Jackson​, Axel Colling, Caryll Waugh,​ Natalie Northam, Kerryne Graham​, Kim Newberry, Patrick Mileto​, Donna Gillies, Gemma Harvey​, Som Walker, Honglei Chen,​ Ali Al-Saabary, Michelle Hong,​ Andrea Certoma, Diane Green​, Jean Payne, Teresa Eastwood​, Kate Maynard, Duane Walters