Volunteer to save power, reduce your ‘footprint’

By November 17th, 2010

CSIRO is looking for 500 volunteers from across New South Wales to join a free program that helps people save power and reduce their carbon footprint.

According to CSIRO lead researcher, Paul Graham, the NSW Energymark program – a CSIRO initiative supported by the Department of Climate Change and Water NSW – uses a proven ‘kitchen table conversation’ approach.

“It’s very simple; one person signs up as a convenor and then gathers a small group of participants – family, friends, neighbours or workmates – to start a conversation using the supplied information on energy, climate change, water and waste,” Mr Graham said.

“The results speak for themselves. Participants in the recent Newcastle trial cut power use by 37 per cent and their carbon footprint by 27 per cent.”

CSIRO is looking for around 500 people to become convenors.

CSIRO supports all convenors by providing a range of accurate and balanced materials that guide the eight sessions. Locally-based coordinators are also on hand to help out.

Convenors also receive a complimentary copy of The CSIRO Home Energy Saving Handbook, which offers practical information and advice for households on how to cut their energy use.

CSIRO is looking for around 500 people to become convenors.

“They don’t need to know a lot about energy or climate change to participate – they just need enthusiasm and some organisational skills,” Mr Graham said.

Volunteers for Energymark convenors are needed in regional and metropolitan New South Wales. To volunteer or for more information: visit; www.energymark.com.au, email; energymark@csiro.au, or call 1300 119 003.

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