Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Delia Muller Study Award

By April 4th, 2022

Introduced in 2018, the award recognises the extraordinary contributions that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have made and will continue to make to all aspects of Australian life including culture, economy and science.

In 2021, the Award was in hiatus while consultation was conducted with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues.


Bernadette Melton

For extensive contributions to science and technology excellence at the Cotton Research Facility in Myall Vale, New South Wales; playing an important role in adding value at all levels of the Australian cotton industry, including molecular biology, plant breeding, crop management and post-harvest processing. 


Kahlytah Ah Wang

For consistent achievement as a highly effective and dedicated team member and for making an extraordinary contribution to CSIRO science and positive culture every day.

Mibu Fischer

For her work to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in CSIRO and participation in STEM, and for leadership in developing knowledge and approaches in Indigenous marine science.


Cassandra Diamond

Cassandra has increased the participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students – particularly women – in STEM. Her research into methods to increase engagement in STEM education by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women has the potential lift Australia’s science capacity and capability.


Andrew Gard

For implementing the architecture for CSIRO’s future Indigenous talent needs including; increasing the employee experience through improved attraction, growth and retention. Included in the suite of projects was a Talent Management Framework to improve the management of appointment, career development and growth opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; building pipelines to careers in key disciplines, including STEM, through scholarships across a number of universities and increased funding and collaboration to support retention of our Indigenous cohort.


Chantelle Lee

A young and highly professional Administrative Officer, Chantelle looks to develop her leadership, mentoring and public speaking skills to nurture and mentor new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members and create a better understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture within CSIRO.