Diversity and Inclusion Medal

By July 17th, 2019

Introduced in 2018, the Diversity and Inclusion Medal recognises and promotes outstanding work in Diversity and Inclusion, either by directly advancing CSIRO’s Diversity and Inclusion objectives, or by demonstrating impact arising from inclusive and diverse teams.


Domestic family violence and abuse working group

The working group developed a comprehensive and impactful workplace response to support our people impacted by domestic family violence and abuse.

Team members: Kaylene Edson, Kerry Elliott, Lauren Pedri, Julie Carroll, Sally Hutchinson, Keith Fernandez, Beth Maloney, Amy Fuller, Jessica Dejanovic, Nina Patten, Fiona Martin, Caroline Morel, Frank O’Donnell, Elaine Bigger, Kate Boxsell and Bernice Nolan.


Transgender Awareness in CSIRO

TJ Lawson is a transgender member of staff. They have been a CSIRO employee for more than ten years. TJ worked with HR Manager Annie Archer to co-develop a training program on inclusion for transgender staff. The four half-day information sessions were conducted in early 2019 to more than 50 CSIRO leaders at the Hobart site. TJ was brave enough to stand up and tell their story, which had a profound impact on all attendees as they learnt about the challenges facing transgender colleagues, not only in the workplace but in life generally.


Pride@CSIRO Network

Awarded to Pride@CSIRO Network for supporting diversity and inclusion, a key organisational objective of CSIRO. The Network has driven changes in culture, attitudes and behaviours across the organisation by raising awareness and encouraging collaboration and contribution within projects and teams.