The Chief Executive Team CSIRO Award

By April 4th, 2022

The Chief Executive Team CSIRO Award is awarded to recognise people who work across various parts of CSIRO to bring together projects and initiatives. This was first awarded in 2021.



Wenju Cai, Debbie Eagles, Tracey Cootes, Beth Cribb, Jenna Daroczy, Philippa Eggerton

Awarded to these recipients for outstanding contribution, taking us further together.


Sandra Oliver

Awarded to Sandra for her ability to bring teams together across boundaries and business units, collaborating broadly and giving generously with her time and expertise. Sandra has been instrumental in building the trusted relationship that CSIRO shares with the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment today, and has taken a leadership role in key activities like COP26.

COVID-19 Situation Management Team and the COVID-19 Business Transition Team

Awarded to the teams for keeping our people safe by collaborating to bring clarity and reassurance to our people in an environment of volatility, complexity and uncertainty. Thrown into an urgent and ambiguous situation, this team innovated to solve challenges and implement rapid solutions, while considering the diverse circumstances of our people.