CSIRO Medal for Support Excellence

By Helen WolffApril 10th, 2022

Our honour roll of CSIRO Medal for Support Excellence winners since 2009 with a brief overview of their exceptional achievements.


Lawrence Toomey

For significantly improving how users access data collected using Murriyang, our Parkes radio telescope, leading to many key science results with the telescope since 2013. 


The Donesafe Project Team

For developing, implementing and maintaining Donesafe. This single enterprise-wide digitised system includes incident and hazard reporting and risk management tools that simplify and enhance essential processes and activities. These in turn enable proactive management of health, safety and environment matters.

Team members: Xin Li, Mandy Yialeloglou, Sarah Moore, Zoe English, Gabriel Bucco, Ric Grudzinskas, ​Sam Brumale, Euan Sangster, Carmel Cattalini, ​Moses Machao, Ivan Camac,​ Marea England, Arpad Marton,​ Joanna Parr, Steve McDermott, ​Crispin Howitt, Linda Dixon,​ Terence Ong, Bernie McDonough​, Bernard Petraitis, John Rayner​, Wade Kelly, Paul Young​, Andrew Toovey


Our digital front door: CSIRO.au redevelopment

For redeveloping the CSIRO.au website, improving our customers’ experience and creating a contemporary digital front door for industry, collaborators and the community.

Team members: Eliza Keck, Alice Trend, Imtiaz Gul, Scott Taylor, Crystal Ladiges, Summer Goodwin, Carli Holloway, Justin McGuire, Ivan Huang, Suellen Slater, Kate Cochrane, Steve Gartner, Aidan Lagats, Josh Bennett, Euan Sangster, Tanya Bowes, Brendan Dalton, Lizzie Duthie, Claire Power, Felicity Kelly, Judith Smith, Natalie Clark, Flick Hourigan, Laurence Street.


Flattening the Response Curve team

Proactive and focused support from the Flattening the Response Curve team helped our research teams’ partner with industry, government and the innovation ecosystem to deliver COVID‐19 response and recovery solutions to the communities we serve.

Team members: Tanya Bowes, Liz Yuncken, Chris Chelvan, Cass Erbs, Crystal Ladiges, Eamonn Bermingham, Verena Engel , Summer Goodwin, Alison Green, Sian Stringer, Bianca Frew, Ben Aldham, Susie Nilsson, Debbie Eagles, Kerry Petty, Shane Seabrook, Peter Kambouris, Mariann Fee, Joseph Dodd, Jim Lilley, Jacqui Watt, Cheryl George, Phillipa Ormandy, Sally McHugh, Nazli Seghar, Polly Agrawal, Chris Morrisey, Amelia Fyfield, Ami Latona, Wasu Kerdket, Karina Clement, Andreas Kahl, Indra Tomic, Jenna Daroczy, Georgia Kelleher, Fiona McFarlane, Thea Williams, Paul De Barro, Danae O’Keefe, Sean Hannan, Laurence Street, Nick Pagett, Sue Radic, Emma Burns, Rebecca Walls, Andrew Chalmers, Werner van der Merwe, Hishani Prabaharan, Karen Rogers, Rod Thomas, Tim Head, Lyndon Judd, Janet Fox, Jen Phillips, Nicole Scalongne, Jodie Sayers, Emily Lehmann, Helen Beringen, Chris Still, Kate Powl, Henry Stentiford, Amy Macintyre, Felicity Kelly, Nikki Galovic, Huw Morgan, Emma Malcolm, Liza Noonan, Tom Wood, Louise Jeckells and Kashmi Ranasinghe.


Lindfield Collaboration Hub

The Lindfield Collarboration Hub team established a vibrant community of high-tech device start-ups co-located at CSIRO Lindfield. The Hub provides an environment for sharing of technical, commercial and general expertise and has strengths in electronic and software development.  Since 2015, 24 start-ups have established bases at Lindfield and have brought more than 300 people as employees, students and mentors. The most remarkable has been Baraja Pty Ltd, one of our first arrivals, which has grown from two co-founders in 2015 to more than 100 employees with offices now open in China and USA.

Team lead: Katie Green
Team members: Cathy Foley, Dirk Taylor, Selena Boyfield, Marcel Bick, Scott Martin, Karl Wilson, Paul Rusconi, Christopher Williams, Sara Falamaki.


Planning, Performance and Evaluation Team (PP&E)

The team successfully designing and implementing a globally recognised impact framework, that delivers robust evidence of the value created by CSIRO for Australia and, supports the need of greater investment in our science to solve national challenges and achieve ‘moon-shot’ aspirations.

Team members: Dr Anne-Maree Dowd, Dr Tom Keenan, Nigel Foster, Renate Hays, Tanya Russell, Jian Wang, Patrick Dias, Bhawna Singh, Ayush Dutta, Dan Bailey, Mark Johnson, Alex Atkin.


ON Team

Awarded to the ON Team for designing, implementing and expanding CSIRO’s ON Program; Australia’s first national accelerator that empowers Australian researchers to create positive economic, social and environmental impact from their science and technology.

Team members: Liza Noonan, David Burt, Kate Hines, Amanda Tsioutis, Michelle Carter, Karen Li, Ashleigh Fortington, Tennille Vanderstaay, Kate Boxsell, Emily Chang, Steve Brodie, Alisa Becker, Cameron Lutton, Natalie Jorna, James Crowther, Jessica Hildyard, Beau Leese, Sarah Dods, Janet Esposito, Anne Haine, Kirsten Lea, Simon Lynch, Sue Davidson, Ricky Pena.


CSIRO WebEx ProjectTeam

For the customisation and deployment of WebEx, an integrated global conferencing and collaboration platform to support CSIRO Strategy 2020, enhancing CSIRO’s ability to collaborate anywhere and at any time, while realising significant savings.

Team members: Nigel Barling, Matthew Gurney, Susan Martin, Simon Tran, Scott Ryan, John Carlin, Roger Lynch, Adam Smith-Platts, Kosta Karageorgiou, Jason McAvoy, Adam Baumeister and Martin Sheppard.


Future Research Vessel Project Team

For the successful design, construction and commissioning of the new Marine National Facility research vessel, RV Investigator, a state-of-the-art research platform to support, enable and inspire marine science in Australia. Learn more about the Future Research Vessel Project.

Team members: Toni Moate PSM, Graham Stacey, Ben Rae, Stephen Thomas, Stephen McCullum, Don McKenzie, Mike Jackson, Brian Griffiths, Dr Lindsay Pender, Samantha Bouhricha, Mark Baker, Ron Plaschke, Sarah Schofield, Ian Hawkes, Hayley Boyd, Lisa Burns, Dr, Simon Torok, Dr Bruce Mapstone, Brett Muir and Hugh Barker.


The Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools Team

For enhancing CSIRO’s reputation, networks and community engagement outcomes through excellence in delivery of the highly successful Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program since 2007.

Team members: Claudette Bateup, Marian Heard, Janene Brown, Carla Hall, Bronwyn Welch, Joel Cowey, Angela Arena, Llara Weaver, Dr Jen Parsons, Jennifer Hoyle, Camille Rogers, Dr Gillian Lunniss, Kate Maiden, Julie McClements, Jennifer Hemer, Sabine Schreuder, Liz Yuncken, Megan Spandler.


Social Media Team

For the growth of audience numbers across an array of social media platforms, where our science is communicated with professionalism and creativity.

Team members: Carol Saab, Vanessa Hill, Huw Morgan, Stephanie Overton, Lou Morrissey.


Science in CSIRO learning team

For establishing the first-ever science focused curriculum, tailored for CSIRO scientists, to support the delivery of great science that makes a positive impact.

Team members: Kate Boxsell, Dr Rebecca Carter, Dr Peter Hairsine, Dr David Lovell, Merijn Meijer, Warren Müller, Dr Camilla Myers, Dr Jennifer Taylor, Dr Alexander Zwart, Bronwyn Bergensen, Helen Drennan, Kirsty Hall, Helen McGinnity, Leonore Ryan, Dr Fiona Scholes, Dr Jake Jacobsen, Wendie McDonald, Dr Annette McGrath, Renate Metz, Ruth Palmer, Dr John Huppatz, Hannah Scott.


Parkes Observatory Pulsar Data Archive Team

For the development of a ground-breaking new archive for pulsar radio astronomy data from the CSIRO Parkes radio telescope and making this available for scientific research and education.

Team members: Daniel Miller, Dr George Hobbs, Dr Jessica Chapman, James Dempsey, Dr Robert Bridle, Carmel Cattalani, Rita Chen, Jonathan Khoo, Dr Arkadi Kosmynin, Ms Cynthia Love, Meredith Hepburn, Dr Richard Manchester, Dr Vincent McIntyre, Mr John Morrissey, Martin Pienaar, Gerry Ryder, Grant Wilson, Janet Applegate, Anna Borg, Dr Tim Cornwell, Rohan George, Dr Michael Keith, Tricia Kelly, Dr Emil Lenc, Vivek Pulukuri, Colette Raison, Anne Stevenson, Brendan Sullivan.


The Enterprise Opportunity Pipeline and Pipeline 2020 Team

For transforming the way CSIRO captures, tracks and reports on its business opportunities by creating a dynamic, enterprise-wide process and associated web-based tool that underpins decision-making at all levels in the Organisation.

Team members: Mr Mark Bazzacco, Ms Helen Firman, Ms Lesley Geldenhuys, Ms Kathy Heinze, Ms Susan Martin.


Wendy Reid

For passionate, enthusiastic, one-CSIRO leadership in transforming Flagship financial management; innovation in organisational budgeting and common costing processes; consistent high-quality service provision, and readily embracing change in CSIRO’s support systems.