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The Aeronautical Research Laboratory was established in 1938 and accorded divisional status as the Division of Aeronautics in May 1940. With the pending restructuring of CSIR to CSIRO (which occurred in May 1949) the Division of Aeronautics was transferred out of CSIR to the Commonwealth Department of Supply and Development on 10 February 1949 reverting to its original name – The Aeronautical Research Laboratory. The function of the Laboratory was to conduct research in the area of aeronautics, especially aircraft and missile design.

In March 1994 the Aeronautical Research Laboratory merged with the Materials Research Laboratory to form the Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

Chief of Division/Officer-in-Charge

Division Chief
Aeronautical Research Laboratory (1938-40) Lawrence Percival Coombes (O-i-C 1938-40)
Aeronautics (1940-49) Lawrence Percival Coombes (1940-49)


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