CSIRO launches new minerals magazine

By February 9th, 2012

A new magazine that highlights CSIRO's research across the minerals and metals sector will be released in July this year.

The new publication, Resourceful, will replace CSIRO’s longstanding magazine in mineral processing and metal production, Process.

“After 20 years, it is time for Process to make way for a new magazine that covers the entire minerals and metals value chain – from mineral exploration, to mining and processing, and metal production,” Dr Anita Hill, Chief of CSIRO Process Science and Engineering said.

“As the minerals and metal production industries evolve, so does CSIRO’s research. Resourceful will reflect this evolution.”

The new magazine will be published three times a year and will continue to showcase CSIRO’s emerging technologies and its contribution to the improvement of existing technologies.

“As the minerals and metal production industries evolve, so does CSIRO’s research. Resourceful will reflect this evolution”

Dr Anita Hill

Resourceful will also continue to provide a forum for leading industry commentators to contemplate the role of research and development in the industries’ future,” Dr Hill said.

The last issue of Process showcases the best articles from its 20 year history. Many of these projects continue to provide innovative solutions to major industry challenges.

Other stories in this issue include:

  • Project nets $295 million benefit (June 2004): An independent evaluation of the AMIRA P266 Improving Thickener Technology project has found it has already delivered $295 million in benefits to its sponsors, with potential future benefits of $250 million.
  • Magnesia: a heavy metal fan (February 1995): A magnesium-based treatment developed by CSIRO is a powerful and environmentally friendly way of treating industrial wastewater.
  • Radios tune rock frequencies (October 2010): Researchers have built sensors capable of electronically eavesdropping on bulk ore deposits to detect the crystalline structure of valuable minerals – a technology related to medical MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), which is used to image the body.
  • Decision time: to mine or not to mine (February 2004): CSIRO’s arsenal of analytical expertise can help decide whether mining a particular ore body is viable.

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