Animal, Food and Health Sciences

By July 11th, 2013

Animal, Food and Health Sciences was formed in 2012 by the merger of the Division of Livestock Industries and the Division of Food and Nutritional Sciences.

The divisional changes that led to the formation of these two divisions that now comprise the Division of Animal, Food and Health Sciences are summarized in the figure below with further details at the following links:

In a major restructuring of CSIRO in 2014, with Flagships replacing Divisions as the organization’s operating units, the Division was split into four major entities as follows: (i) the bulk of the Division (187 out of 474 staff) became the Food and Nutrition Flagship; (ii) the Australian Animal Health Laboratory became an independent CSIRO entity, (iii) 100 staff were assigned to the Agriculture Flagship (with 471, 76, 44, and 24 staff from the former the divisions of Plant Industry, Ecosystem Sciences, Land and Water and Marine and Atmospheric Research respectively) and (iv) 67 staff formed the new Biosecurity Flagship. In 2015 the term Flagship was dropped by the Organization.

Animal, Food and Health Sciences

Animal, Food & Health links

Origins of the Division of Animal, Food and Health Sciences. An Health, Animal Health; An Health & Prod, Animal Health and Productivity; An Genet, Animal Genetics; An Physiol, Animal Physiology; Aust Food Ind Sci Centre, Australian Food Industry Science Centre; Biochem & Gen Nut, Biochemistry and General Nutrition; Biomol Eng: Biomolecular Engineering; Biotech, Biotechnology; Chem & Pol, Chemicals and Polymers; CMHT: Molecular and Health Technologies; CMSE, Materials Science and Engineering; Dairy Res, Dairy Research; Dairy Res Sect, Dairy Research Section; Food Pres Unit, Food Preservation Unit; Food Pres, Food Preservation; Food Pres & Trans, Food Preservation and Transport; Food Proc, Food Processing; Food Res, Food Research; Food Sci & Tech, Food Science and technology; FSA, Food Science Australia; HN: Human Nutrition; HSN: Health Sciences & Nutrition; Hum Nut Unit, Human Nutrition Unit; Ind Chem: Industrial Chemistry; MCBU, Molecular and Cell Biology Unit; Mol Biol: Molecular Biology; Mol Sci: Molecular Science; Molec & Health Tech, Molecular & Health Technologies; Nut Biochem, Nutritional Biochemistry; Prot Chem: Protein Chemistry; Sust Ecosys, Sustainable Ecosystems; Trop Ag, Tropical Agriculture; Trop An Prod, Tropical Animal Production; Trop Crops & Past, Tropical Crops and Pastures;

Chiefs of Division

Division Chief
Livestock Industries (2000-12) Shaun Gerard Coffey (2000-07)
Alan William Bell (2007-12)
Chris Prideaux Acting 2012
Food and Nutritional Sciences (2010-12) Martin Barry Cole (2010-12)
Animal, Food and Health Sciences (2012-14) Martin Barry Cole (2012-14)