CSIRO Computing History, Appendix 6: Resources

By September 6th, 2019

These pages attempt to give some of the history of CSIRO’s use of computing in its research, focussing mainly on the large shared systems and services.

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Last updated: 07 Nov 2019.
Robert C. Bell

Appendix 6: Resources

Dr Trevor Pearcey and his role in computing at CSIRO
Barbara Ainsworth
Pearcey and CSIRO, Canberra May 2019 – Ainsworth v.2.pptx
Presented at C3DIS, May 2019.

History of CSIRO Computing: The 1960s
Robert Bell, CSIRO
Presented at C3DIS, May 2019.

Pre-history: the origins of HSM in scientific computing in Australia
Robert Bell, CSIRO
Presented at DMF User Group, 30 August 2019

CSIRO only: CSIRO SC Data Store, including history: here


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