CSIRO Computing History, Appendix 6: Resources

By September 6th, 2019

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Last updated: 07 Nov 2019.
Robert C. Bell

Appendix 6: Resources

Dr Trevor Pearcey and his role in computing at CSIRO
Barbara Ainsworth
Pearcey and CSIRO, Canberra May 2019 – Ainsworth v.2.pptx
Presented at C3DIS, May 2019.

History of CSIRO Computing: The 1960s
Robert Bell, CSIRO
Presented at C3DIS, May 2019.

Pre-history: the origins of HSM in scientific computing in Australia
Robert Bell, CSIRO
Presented at DMF User Group, 30 August 2019

CSIRO only: CSIRO SC Data Store, including history: here


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