CSIRO Medals 2000 – Chairman’s Medal – The Low Emission Vehicle Team

By November 1st, 2000

David Lamb, Howard Lovatt and colleagues (ICT Centre, CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Physics; Marine and Atmospheric Research; Energy Technology; Mathematical and Information Sciences; Molecular Science). For the development of complete power-trains for two low-emission car projects: one for Holden Limited to incorporate in the ECOmmodore; the other for a concept car known as the aXcessaustralia Low Emission Vehicle. Team Leaders: Mr David Lamb, Dr Michael Brothers, Dr David Gates, Dr Howard Lovatt, Dr Peter Manins, Dr David Rand, Dr Warren Thorpe, Dr Tony Vassallo and Dr Mark Westcott. Team Members: Dr Tom Beer, Mr Colin Bilson, Mr Vic Buriak, Mr Lindsay Burke, Mr Chris Cantrall, Mr Brad Cowley, Mr Peter Cusack, Mr Tom Davis, Mr Vivian D’Offay, Dr John Dunlop, Mr Quentin Fletcher, Mr Paul Gwan, Dr Peter Hurley, Dr Houyuan Jiang, Mr Bruce Kalan, Dr Lan Lam, Mr Bruce Lanham, Dr Russell Newnham, Ms Hilkat Ozgun, Dr Tony Pandolfo, Mr Glen Prout, Prof. Vic Ramsden, Mr Greg Redden, Mr Randy Rhoads, Mr Claude Sacchetta, Mr Chris Sharman, Dr Nariida Smith, Mr Trevor Smith, Mr Werner Strecker, Dr Gerardo Trinidad, Dr Palitha Welgama, Dr Wei Wu.