CSIRO Medals 2005 – Research achievement – Fluid history analysis team

By November 1st, 2005

Peter Eadington and the Fluid History Analysis Team (CSIRO Petroleum Resources). For development of an innovative suite of techniques that reveal the step-wise fill history of petroleum reservoirs in previously unseen detail, which have positioned CSIRO as the World-leader in the application of fluid inclusion-based methods for reducing risk when oil companies drill exploration wells. Team Leader: Dr Peter Eadington. Seminal Contributors: Dr Simon George, Dr Keyo Liu and Mr Mark Lisk. Significant Contributors: Mr Mark Brincat, Dr Richard Kempton and Dr Herbert Volk. Other Contributors: Mr Manzur Ahmed, Ms Patricia Cope, Dr Adrian Dutkiewicz, Mr Stephen Fenton, Mrs Susannah Gallagher, Mr Luke Johnson, Dr Frank Krieger, Dr Joseph Kurusingal, Ms Heather Middleton, Mr Robinson Quezada, Mr Andrew Ross and Dr Tim Ruble.