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CSIRO Medals 2005 – Research achievement – Novosorb team

Pathiraja (Thilak) Gunatillake and colleagues (CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies). For the development of the novel family of biodegradable polymers for advanced biomedical and tissue engineering applications. Team Leader: Dr Thilak Gunatillake. Seminal Contributors: Dr Raju Adhikari, Dr Ian Griffiths (PolyNovo Biomaterials), Dr Roshan Mayadunne, Dr Clive McFarland (UNSW), Dr John Ramshaw and Dr Jerome Werkmeister. Significant Contributors: Ms Penny Bean, Dr Stephen Danon, Ms Veronica Glattauer, Ms Tam Le, Mr Tim Moore (PolyNovo Biomaterials), Mr Heng Taing, Ms Tracy Tebb and Ms Jacinta White. Other Contributors: Mr Rick Aarons (CSIRO BD&C Legal), Ms Jan Bingley (CSIRO BD&C Legal), Megan Fisher (Molecular Science), Dr Kathy Kociuba (CSIRO BD&C Legal), Mr Jonathan King (CSIRO BD&C Legal), Mr David Lau (CSIRO BD&C Legal), Mr Nigel Poole (BD&C), Dr Greg Simpson (CMHT), Dr Heather St John (Aortech Biomaterials).