Wireless network publications

By November 24th, 2010

The following publications detail the work involved in the development of CSIRO’s Wireless network (gigabit).


Murray BM, Abbott DA, Pathikulangara JA, Bunton J, Dyadyuk V, 2010, ‘Wireless Frequency-Domain Multi-Channel Communications’, U.S. Patent Application 20100142598 – Publication Number WO/2008/067584 – European Patent Application EP2102991A1 – Chinese Patent Application CN200780049137.4.

Book chapters

Dyadyuk V, Guo YJ, Bunton JD, 2010, ‘Enabling technologies for multi-gigabit wireless communications in the E-band’, In: Mobile and Wireless Communications: Network layer and circuit layer design, Fares SA, Adachi F (eds), In-TECH, 13: 263-280. ISBN: 978-953-307-042-01.

Key publications

Dyadyuk V, Bunton J, Pathikulangara J, Kendall R, Sevimli O, Stokes L, Abbott D, 2007, ‘A multi-gigabit mm-wave communication system with improved spectral efficiency’, IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 55, Part 2: 2813-2821.

Conference proceedings

Dyadyuk V, Bunton JD, Guo YJ, 2009, ‘Study on High Rate Long Range Wireless Communications in the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz bands’, In: Proc. European Microwave Conference (EuMW2009), Italy, September.

Dyadyuk V, Guo YJ, 2009, ‘Towards multi-gigabit ad hoc wireless networks in the E-band’, In: Proc. Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves (GSMM2009), Tokyo, April.