James Tickner

By September 19th, 2014


James Tickner holds a BA (Hons 1) in Physics from Oxford University and a PhD in Particle Physics, also from Oxford University. In 1997, he was awarded a Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) postdoctoral fellowship to continue working on the ZEUS experiment at Oxford University. He joined CSIRO Minerals in 1998.

Dr Tickner currently heads the CSIRO Security Technologies stream, supervising the efforts of more than a dozen scientists and engineers to develop world-first scanning equipment for border security. He is also a senior researcher within the Process Technologies stream, where his work broadly encompasses inventing, designing and building novel nuclear instruments to solve a diverse range of challenging measurement problems in the minerals industries. He relies on a wide range of nuclear expertise, including advanced radiation transport theory, Monte Carlo modelling, a strong experimental background, and familiarity with custom-designed readout electronics, digital data processing and software design.

Honours and awards

Dr Tickner has received the following awards for his work:

2008: John Philip Award for the Promotion of Excellence in Young Scientists

2006: CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement for Air Cargo Scanner (with 13 others)

2006: Australian Academy of Science Frederick White Prize

2004: Australian Institute of Physics Alan Walsh Award for service to industry with Brian David Sowerby

2004: CSIRO Minerals Innovation Award for development of a prototype fast-neutron and gamma-ray radiography scanner for air cargo (with 9 others)

2000: CSIRO Minerals Innovation Award for development of XENA, a prompt-neutron activation analyser for cement raw meal (with Lim)

Since December 2006 he has been an editor of the International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes.


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