CSIRO Computing History, Chapter 10, CSIRO IM&T Scientific Computing

By September 7th, 2020

These pages attempt to give some of the history of CSIRO’s use of computing in its research, focussing mainly on the large shared systems and services.

Chapter 10. CSIRO IM&T Scientific Computing

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Robert C. Bell

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In October 2013, a decision was made to move Advanced Scientific Computing into CSIRO IM&T as a separate branch called Scientific Computing, with a subgroups of infrastructure (Brian Davis) and Services (Alf Uhlherr).

The Scientific Computing Circulars from March 2014 give a good summary of the major activities.

Scientific Computing Circular

Issues 1-13 (March 2014 to November 2016) at here (but visible only within CSIRO).  Here is an extract from the first edition, outlining the role of IM&T in scientific computing.

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