CSIRO Medal for Health and Safety Achievement

By July 15th, 2019

The winners of the Medal for Health and Safety Achievement from 2002- 2013. In 2014, the award was combined with the Medal for Environmental Achievement to create the Medal for Health, Safety and Environment Achievement.



St Lucia Chemical Safety Program Team

For the design and delivery of a best practice chemical safety program, including the CHIMES chemical database, providing rapid access to health and safety information, accurate barcoded inventories, and peer-delivered training for the safe use of high risk chemicals.

Team members: Nigel McNair, Dr Gene Wijffels, Suzie Briscoe, Janine Nielsen, Neil Bagnall, Lee Knaggsi.


Waterford Radiation Safety Team

For the successful construction, commissioning, licensing and ‘zero harm’ operation of a new radiation laboratory, allowing scientists to conduct pilot-scale research on radioactive ores to develop new technologies for their economic treatment.

Team members: Peter Austin, Anthony Lawton, Micheal Da Costa, Karl Bunney, Dr Angelica Vecchio-Sadus, Dr Christopher Vernon.


HSE Gas Safety Review Team

For significantly improving the safety of those who work with gases in CSIRO workplaces. The Gas Safety Review Program addressed a rising concern of unacceptable risks and provided the means for improvement.

Team members: Mr Colin C Macdonald and Dr Wendy Barron.


Gas Conversion Process Optimisation Team

For establishing a world-class natural gas conversion research facility that encompasses and sets benchmark safety requirements to grow the capability of Australia’s gas processing industry.

Team members: Dr Valérie Sage, Dr Harit Jani, Dr Michael Batten, Mr Philip Hazewinkel, Dr Nick Burke, Dr Jim Patel, Dr Ken Chiang, Prof David Trimm, Mr Sam Battah, Mr Gavin Hogan.


Fieldwork Register Design and Implementation Team

For improving the safety of CSIRO staff undertaking fieldwork by developing and implementing Sustainable Ecosystems’ online Fieldwork Register.

Team members: Stephen Henry, Mandy Yialeloglou, David Goff, Karen Mobbs, Justin Perry, Adam McKeown, Brett Cocks, Matt Bradford.


Tasmania ICT Centre Health and Safety Representatives (joint winner)

The Tasmania ICT Centre’s Health and Safety Representatives have implemented unique and creative approaches to the delivery of health, safety and environment housekeeping in their area, engaging the wider Tasmanian ICT Centre staff and promoting improved HSE performance.

Team members: Michael Kennett, John McCulloch, Stephen Giugni, Lyle Borlase, Therese Dowling, Martin De Groot, Boo Davie, Paulo De Souza, Klaas Hartmann, Mark Hepburn, Ben Howell, Daniel Hugo, Qing Liu, Paul McCarthy, Wei Peng, Yanfeng Shu, Daniel Smith, Andrew Terhorst, Siddeswara Guru, Peter Marendy, Greg Timms, Dipak Bhandari, Holger Neuhaus, Greg Smith, Kai Xu and Peter Taylor.

Entomology’s Manual Handling Advisors (joint winner)
CSIRO Entomology

CSIRO Entomology’s Manual Handling Advisors have provided staff with practical and relevant manual handling training and solutions to manual handling issues, thereby helping to significantly reduce the frequency and cost of musculoskeletal injuries and strengthen Entomology’s HSE Culture of Care.

Team members: Ann Ashton, John Lester, Thayalini Shanmuganathan, Joel Armstrong, Anh Cao, Kim Pullen, Natalie Banks, Margaret Hilton, Shoko Okada, Anne Hastings, Ryan Zonneveld, Vanessa Stott, Andrew White, Sarah Berenson, Heather Cosson-Williams and Michelle Glover.

Cotton Samples Process Improvement Team (runner up)
CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology

The amended procedure for processing cotton bale samples at CTFT’s industrial scale cotton mill in Belmont significantly reduced manual handling requirements and effectively eliminated the dispersion of dust in the work area.

Team members: Kevin Bagshaw, Ted Pope, Fred Horne and Mark Freijah.


Cold Spray Team, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering

The Cold Spray team at CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering have developed and implemented a state-of-art HSE Cold Spray facility that became industry standard. The HSE for Cold Spray technology has been transferred to Australian industry and is contributing towards the safe operation of Cold Spray technology globally.

Team members: Mahnaz Jahedi, Stefan Gulizia, Darren Fraser, Caixian Tang, Saden Zahiri, Bill Tiganis, Peter King and Krista Black.


Livestock Industries Team (Winner 1)

For the team’s contribution to developing a safety culture amongst their peers by effectively demonstrating that exposure to two significant laboratory hazards could be minimised without the scientific rigor of their research being compromised.

Team members: Dr Russell Lyons, Dr Aaron Ingham, Dr Tony Vuocolo and Mr Carl Davis.

Gas Safety Project, CSIRO Minerals (Winner 2)

CSIRO Minerals designed and implemented a Gas Safety Project to support the CSIRO OHS&E Network and Corporate Property in meeting compliance with compressed gas use and installations in CSIRO projects and facilities. The Project has contributed towards better managing gas safety risks in a well-informed, timely and cost-effective manner.

Team members: Dr Angelica Vecchio-Sadus, Dr Peter Steeden and Dr Bart Follink.

Mr Michael Hauptman, CSIRO Plant Industry (Runner Up)

For the development of highly effective tools to control the risk of occupational overuse injuries in laboratory staff.


Ergonomics@Work, CSIRO Minerals

For implementing the Ergonomics@Work program which revitalised the promotion of safe work practices that prevent musculoskeletal injuries and improved the work environment at CSIRO Minerals.

Team members: Dr Angelica Vecchio-Sadus and Ms Wendy Hayes, Mr David Abernethy, Ms Kathy Laurenceson, Ms Tracey MacDonald, Ms Antonia Riley (all from Minerals) and Mr Jeff Allen (Exploration and Mining).


The Managing Plant and Equipment Hazards HAZOP Facilitation Team, CSIRO Minerals

For being at the forefront of using HAZOP (hazard and operability study) to reduce health and safety risks and environmental impacts inherent in the design and construction of high-risk/complex experimental systems.

Team members: Dr Angelica Vecchio-Sadus, Irene Kyriakidis and Terry Norgate.


The Managing Plant and Equipment Hazards in Textile and Leather Research, Textile and Fibre Technology

For sustained work to reduce the risks of injuries during research activities involving textile and leather processing plant and research equipment, through the identification of plant and equipment hazards, assessment of risk and implementation of controls. This has included innovative guarding systems consistent with research needs, isolation procedures and safe working procedures, recorded through a database and the CSIRO records management system. This initiative has substantially changed staff attitudes towards and awareness of safe working practices in research and development.

Team members: Dr Tony Hudson, Mr Rod Howard, Dr Shaun Smith and Ms Jacinta Wassenberg, Mr Jeff Baum, Mr Colin Brackley, Mr Frank Dean, Dr Ron Denning, Mr Lance Edwards, Ms Denise Elson, Mr Keith Fincher, Miss Debra Hamilton, Mr Phil Henry, Mr Andrew Jones, Mrs Geni Kozdra, Mrs Carmen Martin-Samos, Ms Martina Miksch, Mrs Liz Middleton, Ms Chris Nunn, Mr Chris Pickersgill, Mrs Brenda Roberts, Dr Ian Russell, Mr Cameron Simpson and Mr Peter Turner.


The Field Safety Initiative Team, CSIRO Exploration and Mining

For developing standard operating procedures that provide a safety net and reduce the risk to field staff by implementing uniform and endorsed, authorization, communication and emergency procedures, that are acknowledged as current industry best practice.

Team members: Mr Ian Robertson, Mr Melvyn Lintern and Mr Steve Fraser