CSIRO Medal for Environmental Achievement

By July 8th, 2019

Our award winners for the Medal for Environmental Achievement from 2002- 2013. In 2014, the award was combined with the Medal for Health and Safety Achievement to create the Medal for Health, Safety and Environment Achievement.


Managed Print Services Project Team

For the design and implementation of environmentally sustainable and cost effective print services across CSIRO using industry best practice methodology in fleet rationalisation and supporting infrastructure.

Team members: Mark Banic, Marco Cassetta, Colin Mayocchi, Clint Duncan, Daniel Robertson, Ian Hirst, Carrie Paine, Susan Martin, Tony Ambaum, Les Buick, Steve Lewis, Nathan Power, Mark Albiez, Russell MacKinnon, Mark Rechenberg, Don Miller, Chris Short, Jim Hooke.


CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory – Environment Team

For bringing new culture and systems to CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory which have significantly reduced the facility’s environmental impact in energy, water and waste, without compromising bio-security.

Team members: Paul Godsell, Steve Edwards, Howard Philpott, Susanne Wilson, Tim Clark, Sarah Fardy, Sue Taylor, Andrew Hill, Gary Hourticolon, Rod Howard, Debbie Logan, Bernadette O’Keefe and Karen Wright.


Smart Office Team

For developing room-by-room energy metering of office appliances, an easy-to-use web interface, and promoting an energy-aware culture leading to significant energy savings and interest in using this technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across CSIRO.

Team members: Dr Branislav Kusy, Dr Raja Jurdak, Mr Philip Valencia, Dr Simon Locke, Dr Mikhail Afanasyev, Dr Daniel Smith, Mr Leslie Overs, Mr Luke Hovington, Dr Wen Hu and Dr Josh Wall.


Newcastle Site Energy Team

For pioneering the path to a carbon-neutral CSIRO by developing a tool for understanding energy options and costs, and by rolling out world-first technologies to slash energy consumption at the CSIRO National Energy Centre in Newcastle.

Team members: Dr Stephen White, Dr Joshua Wall, Dr John Ward, Mr Daniel Rowe, Dr Luke Reedman, Mr Anthony Szatow, Mr Daniel Linsell, Dr Glenn Platt and Mr Caleb Rees.


CSIRO Property Services Queensland Water Management Team

For leading and implementing best practice water management plans to achieve significant and continued reduction in water usage at CSIRO’s south-east Queensland research facilities, resulting in a massive reduction of 76 per cent over four years.

Team members: Rudy Van Kerckhof, Bernie McDonough, Michael Kath, Colin Russell, Andrew Shield, David Sigmund, Nathan Dolci, Richard Butler, Gary Bonney and Neil Hoffmann.


CSE Sustainability Report – CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and Property Services

Development of a sustainability reporting framework and production of CSIRO’s first sustainability report compliant with international standards.

Team members: Cathy Pitkin (Team Leader), Di Prestwidge, Michael Terry, Jenny Baxter, Nerida Hare, Mandy Yialeloglou, CSE In-Business Human Resources Staff, CSE Site Managers, CSE In-Business Finance Staff, CSE Communications Team, CSE Research Program Support Staff and CSE HSE Officers.


Science by Email, CSIRO Education

Science by Email engages and enthuses students, teachers and the wider community about CSIRO, science and its applications, with a focus on the environment. 30 000 subscribers receive it weekly.

Team members: Ross Kingsland (Team Leader), Graham Walker, Gabrielle Tramby, Justin McGuire, Beth Askham, Matteo Montebello, Harry Kontos and Jasmine Leong.


Water Recycling Project, CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology

For the implementation of the CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology Water Recycling Project which has reduced water consumption at the Belmont site by approximately 20%.

Team members: Rodney Howard (Team Leader), Darren Pearson and Philip Voigt.


Winner 1: Sustainability @ Work, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems

For successfully implementing the CSE Sustainability@work initiative which provides an exemplar for implementing the operational aspects of the Environmental Management System in CSIRO.

Team members: Mr Glen McPhee (Team Leader), Mr Jeff Marchant (Team Leader), Ms Mandy Yialeloglou, Mr Bob Moore, Ms Joydee Frizzell, Mr Brett Cocks, Mr Glenn Dibben, Ms Kylie Verry, Ms Sandra Kay, Mr Garry Rabbett, Ms Teresa Shanahan, Ms Lyn Atkins, Jean Rae and Ms Julie Thygesen.

Winner 2: Environment Champions at CSIRO Land and Water

Under Bob’s leadership the CSIRO Environmental Management System (EMS) was fully documented against Australia-wide guidelines on schedule in December 2003. The priority and energy which the team applied to this activity has given CLW at Urrbrae a significant head start in reducing greenhouse emissions, energy resource usage and water consumption.

Team members:  Mr Bob Harris (Team Leader), Mr Marc Praulins, Mr Toney Hirnyk, Mr Ian Rosman, Mr Peter Bicanin, Ms Sue Maffei, Mr Brian Loveys, Mr Steve Rogers and Mr Chris Miller.


Sustainable Irrigation System Directorate, CSIRO Land & Water

For implementing FILTER (Filtration, Irrigation, Land Treatment and Effluent Reuse) and Wetland Technology to come up with a sustainable, environmentally acceptable, aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive solution to its on-site sewage treatment problems for up to 100 people.

Team members: John Blackwell (Team Leader), Dr Evan Christen, Dr Nihal Jayawardane, Renzo Manente, Dr David Mitchell (CMIS), Leo Zandona and Roy Zandona.


The Ecocycle PET X-Ray Film Recycling Project, CSIRO Molecular Science

For successfully implementing a process for recycling the PET film into a useful liquid product, polyol, a key ingredient of polyurethane foams. The team has been working with Huntsman, one of the largest producers of polyurethanes worldwide to develop a polyol that will be suitable for use in building panels with excellent fire retardant properties.

Team members: Dr Mike O’Shea (Team Leader), Brian Carter, Bruce Coley, Ms Aeron Coombes, Kevin Esson, Kevin Hynes, Chris Kohle, Carole Labram, Mr Lawry McCarthy, Mr Lance Nichols, Mr Gary Peeters, David Quint, Ray Smith and Dr Ru YuWu.


Farm Creek Revegetation Project

This project undertaken voluntarily by staff located at the Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) site, sought to preserve and enhance a small, neglected watercourse on site (Farm Creek) and assist endemic species to re-establish themselves. Demonstrating CSIRO’s concern for the environment beyond its own premises, staff organised fund raising activities and engaged the support and assistance of members of the local community and was recognised by the Land for Wildlife Program in 2002.

Team members: Mr Alen Scott (Team Leader), Mr Norm O’Neill, Mr Stephen Peck and Mr Andrew Taylor.