CSIRO Medal for Health, Safety and Environment Achievement

By April 4th, 2022

Award winners for the CSIRO Medal for Health, Safety and Environment Achievement since 2014. Prior to 2014, this category was awarded through the Medal for Health and Safety Achievement  and the Medal for Environmental Achievement.


Awarded to the Concentrated Solar Thermal Engineering Team for dedication and due diligence to safety, risk assessment and world-first engineering design of a high-temperature sodium test-loop and containment system for next generation concentrated solar thermal plant in partnership with Australian industry that sets CSIRO among the world’s best. Team members: Wes Stein, Wil Gardner, Renata Payne, Daniel Potter, Jin-Soo Kim, Michael Rae, Mike Collins, David Grillmeier, Scott Morgan, Daniel Maher, Gregory Wilson.


  • Awarded to the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) ethanol collection relocation team for creating an innovative solution to store its ethanol collection. The collection was relocated to new facilities, which ensured alignment with Australian Standards and best practice dangerous goods handling and storage, and prioritised our people’s safety.Team members: Federica Turco, Robyn Meier, Debbie Jennings, Olivia Evangelista de Souza, Thekla Pleines, Jaime Florez, Youning Su, Bronte Sinclair, Grant Sissian, Kelly Lynch, Owen Hurst, Cat Vanston and Nicole Van Schieveen.
  • Awarded to the CSIRO Alerts Notification Service Project team for establishing an emergency alert notification service for the organisation in record time. This system will ensure our people are safe when the unexpected occurs.Team members: Nigel Barling, Carmel Cattalini, Sean Foster, Scott Ryan,Anthony Victory, Nathaniel Wapshere , Kate Cochrane, Greta Dabrowski, Paul Davis, Abhishek Halder, Andreas Kahl, Jason Mcavoy, Dan Miller, Tom Minchin, Bart Reardon, Brendon Santleben, Adam Smith-Platts, Scott Taylor, Damian Walker, Indra Tomic, Karina Clement, Brendan Dalton, Rod Harper, Trevor Heldt and Euan Sangster.


  • Awarded to the Composites Resin Infusion Project team for the development of a new resin processing technology used in the industrial manufacture of composite structures, delivering safer, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective outcomes for industry partner Boeing.
    Team lead: Dr Xiaqing Zhang. Team members: Buu Dao, Tri Nguyen, Thomas Kohl, Luke Grundy.


  • Awarded to HSE-Me Day for changing the way that we think about health, safety and wellbeing in CSIRO. In a radical approach, we suspended normal activities across all sites for the day and asked our staff to join the conversation on what our safety culture should look like in the future.


  • The Herbarium Curators – Spirit Collection for improving health and safety by eliminating formaldehyde from collection of the Australian National Herbarium and Australian Tropical Herbarium.


  • Awarded to Marine National Facility Ships Management Team for the development of a unique mental health and wellbeing at sea strategy, designed to support participants and their next of kin on CSIRO research vessel Investigator voyages. Team members: Ron Plaschke, Dr Chris Cvitanovic, Max McGuire, Don McKenzie, Linda Gaskell, Sarah Schofield, Jill Cooper, Kaylene Pickering and Barbara Vaschina.


  • IM&T Find-Me-Print Project Team for implementing Find-Me-Print, an internal initiative within our organisation, which has led to significant savings, a notable reduction in print consumables and a change of print behaviour patterns across our organisation. Team members: Daniel Miller, Clint Duncan, Yung Tzen Leong, Susan Martin, Bart Reardon, Daniel Robertson, Adam Baumeister, Troy McPherson, Adam Smith-Platts, Richard Von Mallesch and Nick Gahan.


  • Rapid Automated Materials and Processing Centre for the design and establishment of the Rapid Automated Materials and Processing Centre using HSE best practices, and implementing engineering and procedural controls which minimise staff and visiting scientists’ exposure to hazardous chemicals and robotics. Team members: Dr Ben Muir, Shaun Howard, Dr Danielle Kennedy, Charles Ronosulistyo, Dr Christian Doblin, Richard Harris, Simone Wilson, Renata Lippi, Dr Nhiem Tran, Dr Maggie Zhai, Xavier Mulet, Dr Paul White, Timothy Harvey, Dr Anthony Hughes, Asoka Weerawardena, Chris Flynn.