Radio astronomy at Dover Heights publications

By October 5th, 2010

The following publications detail the work involved in the development of CSIRO’s Radio astronomy at Dover Heights.

Key publications

Orchiston W, 2004, ‘From the solar corona to clusters of galaxies: the radio astronomy of Bruce Slee’, Astronomical Society of Australia, 21: 23-71.

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Slee OB, 1994, ‘Some memories of the Dover Heights field station, 1946-1954′, Australian Journal of Physics, 47: 517-534.

Stanley GJ, 1994, ‘Recollections of John G. Bolton at Dover Heights and Caltech’, Australian Journal of Physics, 47: 507-516.

Bolton J, 1982, ‘Radio astronomy at Dover Heights’, In: Proc. of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 4: 349-358.