Manufacturing 2014-

By July 12th, 2016

In 2014, in a major restructuring of CSIRO, the term Division was replaced by the term Flagship for the organization’s operating units and the title Chief replaced by the title Director. The Division of Materials Science and Engineering was renamed the Manufacturing flagship. In addition 34 staff from the former Division of Process Science and Engineering transferred to the Manufacturing flagship with the remainder forming the core of the Mineral Resources flagship. In 2015 the term Flagship was dropped by the Organization.
The histories of the divisions contributing to the Manufacturing business unit are summarised in the figure below with further details at the following links:

• Materials Science and Engineering (2007-14)
• Chemical and materials research divisions
• Forestry and forest products divisions
• Manufacturing and building research divisions
• Physics, measurement and standards divisions
• Process Science and Engineering (2009-14)

History of Manufacturing Business Unit

Manufactiruing Origins

Chief of Division/Officer-in-Charge/Director

Division/Business Unit Chief/O-I-C/Director
Materials Science and Engineering (2007-14) Calum John Drummond (2007-11)
Catherine Patricia Foley (2011-14)
Process Science and Engineering (2009-14) Lambertus Gerrit Jan (Bart) Follink (2009-2011)
Mark Fietz (Acting 2011)
Anita J Hill (2011-14)
Marcus Zipper (2014)
Manufacturing (2014-)
Catherine Patricia Foley (2011-14)