Oceans and Atmosphere

By April 15th, 2016

In 2014, in a major restructuring of CSIRO, the term Division was replaced by the term Flagship for the organization’s operating units and the title Chief replaced by the title Director. The Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research was renamed the Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship. As part of this restructuring 24 MAR staff transferred to the Agriculture Flagship and 3 staff to the Land and Water Flagship while 17 staff from the former Division of Land and Water and three staff from the former Division of Energy Technology transferred to the Oceans and Atmosphere flagship. In 2015 the term Flagship was dropped by the Organization.

The divisional changes associated with the history of the divisions that contributed staff to the Oceans and Atmosphere flagship is summarized in the figure below with further details at the following links:

Marine and Atmospheric Research (2005-14)
Land and Water (1997-2014)
Energy Technology (Mark II) (1995-2014)

History of Oceans and Atmosphere Divisions

Oceans and Atmosphere origins

Chief of Division/Officer-in-Charge

Division Chief
Land and Water (1997-2014) Graham Harris (1997-2000)
John Williams (2000-02)
Robert Alexander Vertessy (2003-07)
Neil James McKenzie (2007-14)
Marine and Atmospheric Research (2005-14) Anthony Douglas John Haymet (2005)
Gregory Peter Ayers (2005-08)
Bruce David Mapstone (2009-14)
Oceans and Atmosphere (2014-) Ken Lee (2014-)


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