CSIRO Medal for Business Excellence / Impact from Science

By November 6th, 2013

The CSIRO Medal for Business Excellence is designed to: highlight the contribution that commercial activity is making to the Organisation’s success; celebrate and reward outstanding commercial performance; stimulate information exchange and learning within the organisation and raise the awareness, skills and knowledge of commercial success; identify and share ‘best practice’ in the commercial arena.

First awarded in 2000 it was renamed the CSIRO Medal for Impact from Science in 2013.

Applications are accepted in any of the following categories:

  • Customer Relationship
  • Technology Transfer
  • Marketing and Business Development.

The Prize includes a team plaque, individually engraved medals and a cash prize of up to $50 000 per team (with cap of $7 500 per individual). It was first awarded in 2000.

See also Science image video: Introduction to CSIRO Business Excellence Medals (2001)

Winners are:

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  • Awarded to the CSIRO Southern Bluefin Tuna Monitoring and Management Team for improving the economic returns, community benefits and stock status of the Southern Bluefin Tuna fishery through delivery of a scientifically tested management system combined with the development of ground-breaking genomic assessment methods. We worked with the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT) to achieve this significant result. Seminal and significant medal winners: Dr Campbell Davies, Dr Rich Hillary, Ms Ann Preece, Dr Mark Bravington, Dr Peter Grewe, Ms Jessica Farley, Mr Craig Proctor, Mr Russell Bradford and Ms Paige Eveson. Contributing others: Dr Rasanthi Gunasekera, Ms Peta Hill, Mr Matt Lansdell, Ms Jorden Aulich, Mr Scott Cooper, Mr Jason Hartog, Ms Naomi Clear, Mr Andreas Marouchos, Mr Andrew Filisetti, Mr Dave Kube, Mr Christopher Blood and Mr Murray Campbell.


  • Awarded to the Atlas Of Living Australia for developing the world-leading e-research infrastructure which is now being adopted globally to provide solutions to host national biodiversity information portals. The Atlas of Living Australia provides free, online access to information about Australia’s biodiversity. We worked with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility in the development, implementation and uptake of the tools and infrastructure to support the portal globally. Explore the Atlas of Living Australia


  • Awarded to the Water Information Research and Development Alliance for quantifying Australia’s water resources and delivering breakthrough research and innovation in water assessment, forecasting and informatics. CSIRO acknowledges the Bureau of Meteorology as a distinguished partner of the Water Information Research and Development Alliance. Team members – CSIRO Staff: Mr Warwick McDonald, Dr QJ Wang, Dr Jai Vaze, Mr Peter Taylor, Dr David Robertson, Dr David Lemon, Dr Francis Chiew, Prof Albert van Dijk, Dr John Gallant, Dr Ross Ackland, Dr Julia Anticev, Mr Rob Atkinson, Mr Qifeng Bai, Mr Paul Barnett, Mr James Bennett, Dr Paul Box, Dr Robert Bridgart, Dr Simon Cox, Dr Russell Crosbie, Ms Susan Cuddy, Mr Trevor Dowling, Dr Dushmanta Dutta, Mr Peter Fitch, Mr Will Francis, Dr Ryan Fraser, Dr Juan Pablo Guerschman, Dr Prasantha Hapuarachchi, Dr Sandra Hawthorne, Dr Brent Henderson, Dr Justin Hughes, Dr Michael Kearney, Mr Shaun Kim, Dr Edward King, Mr Ben Leighton, Dr Julien Lerat, Dr Ming Li, Dr Timothy McVicar, Mr Rick Meng, Dr Stuart Minchin, Dr Tom Pagano, Mr Daniel Pagendam, Dr Luk Peeters, Mr David Penton, Mr Jean-Michel Perraud, Dr Prafulla Pokhrel, Mr Robert Power, Mr Joel Rahman, Mr Arthur Read, Dr Luigi Renzullo, Mr Andrew Schepen, Dr Quanxi Shao, Dr Durga Lal Shrestha, Dr John Sims, Dr Yong Song, Mr Geoffrey Squire, Mr Matt Stenson, Ms Jin Teng, Mr Tom Van Neil, Dr Neil Viney, Mr Jamie Vleeshouwer, Mr Gavin Walker, Mr Biao Wang, Dr Enli Wang, Mr Philip Ward, Mr Garth Warren, Dr Ang Yang, Dr Jonathan Yu, Dr Tony Zhao Dr Yongqiang Zhang, Dr Warren Jin, Dr Hongxing Zheng, Dr Zahra Paydar, Ms Jenet Austin, Mr Guy Byrne, Mr Lingtao Li, Dr Peter Dyce, Mr Shane Seaton, Mr Steve Marvanek, Dr Irina Emelyanova, Dr Yanfeng Shu, Dr Peter Toscas, Dr Rebecca Doble, Dr David Abbott, Dr Eric Lehmann, Dr Catherine Ticehurst, Mr Anders Siggins, Mr David Ratcliffe, Dr Randall Donohue, Dr Glenn Newnham, Ms Sara Falamaki, Mr Warrick Dawes, Mr Daniel Collins, Linda Merrin, Dr Simon Barry, Mr Ramneek Singh, Dr Klaus Joehnk, Ms Kimberley Opie, Dr Jorge Pena Arancibia, Mr Matthew Paget, Dr Auro Almeida, Dr Vanessa Haverd, Mr Fareed Mirza, Dr Cathy Trudinger, Mr Peter Briggs, Dr Craig Macfarlane, Mr Michael Hartcher, Dr Timothy Baynes, Mr David McJannet, Dr Timothy Malthus, Dr Jack Katzfey, Mr Nicholas Car, Dr Yun Chen, Mr Aaron Hawdon, Ms Bella Robinson and Ms Maryam Ahmad. BoM Staff: Dr Robert Argent, Mr Tony Boston, Dr Amgad Elmahdi, Mr David Endever, Dr Paul Feikema, Dr Andrew Frost, Dr Moshin Hafeez, Mr Graham Hawke, Dr Natasha Herron, Dr D Jayasuriya, Mr Adrian Lill, Mr Dominic Lowe, Ms E McDonald, Dr Louise Minty, Mr Jeff Perkins, Mr Neil Plummer, Dr Ian Prosser, Dr Alan Seed, Mr Paul Sheahan, Dr Daehyok Shin, Dr Narendra Tuteja, Dr Robert Vertessy and Dr Senlin Zhou. Learn more from our WIRADA animation.



  • LASC Longwall Automation Team for developing LASC, a mining equipment automation technology based on inertial navigation that has generated significant improvements to the productivity of Australia’s longwall coal mines and the safety of people who work in them. Learn more about this technology at CSIRO animates: LASC longwall automation and Longwall automation.



  • Nigel Preston, Brett Glencross and Andrew Chalmers and the Novacqä Team: for their development of a natural feed ingredient that enhances the growth and health of farmed prawns and eliminates the need for wild fish products in prawn feeds – a world-first achievement in sustainability. Novacq has been licensed to Ridley AgriProducts to produce and distribute Novacq in Australia and several South-East Asian countries. Team leaders: Nigel Preston, Brett Glencross and Andrew Chalmers. Team members: Simon Irvin, Stuart Arnold, Nick Wade, Nick Bourne, Rajiv Cabraal, and Rachel Fitzgerald.



  • Drs James Hunt and John Kirkegaard and the National Water-Use Efficiency Team. For their leadership of the National Water-Use Efficiency Initiative that delivered innovative farming system science and achieved widely-adopted and profound impact on crop productivity and sustainability for the Australian grains industry. Team members: Dr James Hunt, Dr John Kirkegaard, Dr Julianne Lilley, Dr Andrew Moore from the Division of Plant Industry; Dr Therese McBeath, Dr Michael Robertson and Dr Yvette Oliver from the Division of Ecosystems Sciences; Dr Kirsten Verburg from the Division of Land and Water and Prof A Whitbread.



  • Gerard Wilson and the Idemitsu Kosan Engagement Team (Materials Science and Engineering). For building a deep and enduring relationship with Japanese company Idemitsu Kosan, leading to significant investment in CSIRO’s strategic capability with the aim of developing novel materials for use in the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display and lighting industries. Team members: Team members: Dr Gerard J Wilson, Dr Kazunori Ueno, Dr Geoffrey J Houston, Rajiv Cabraal (CSIRO Legal), Dr Mark Bown, Dr Scott Watkins, Dr Kevin Winzenberg, Dr Greg Simpson.



  • Calum Drummond and the CSIRO-ORICA Strategic Research Alliance Team. For outstanding teamwork in the creation of the $32 million CSIRO-ORICA Strategic Research Alliance which established an Australian first in investment in science capability development, strategic research and tactical innovation activities. Team Members: Dr Calum Drummond, Mr Timothy McLennan, Mr Damien Thomas, Mr Chris Gibson, Mr Jez Smith, Dr Richard Goodridge, Mr Rowan Neilson, Ms Julie Pulford, Mr Rick Aarons.



  • Lindsay Adler and colleagues (CSIRO Plant Industry, Food and Nutritional Sciences). For facilitating the innovative and highly successful commercialisation of BARLEYmax™ – a novel grain with substantiated health benefits – in a new breakfast cereal via partnership with two Australian SMEs, on behalf of CSIRO and joint venture partner Australian Capital Ventures Limited. Team members: Mr Lindsay Adler, Dr Matthew Morell, Dr David Topping, Mr Geoff Ball, Dr Rob Defeyter, Mr Owen Craig, Ms Jocelyn Paterson, Ms Kit Chow, Ms Anne Howard.
  • Jeremy Burdon and colleagues (CSIRO Plant Industry). For the development of the CSIRO-Bayer wheat genetics alliance, a major public-private partnership in wheat gene discovery and germplasm enhancement based on a deep relationship of mutual respect and trust. Team members: Dr Jeremy Burdon, Dr Bruce Lee, Mr Lindsay Adler, Dr Bill Taylor, Dr Matthew Morell, Ms Catriona Dove.



  • Amir Aryana colleagues (CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering). For initiating and developing the CSIRO-PETRONAS Strategic Alliance and building trust between technical, legal and commercial teams across both organisations. The CSIRO-PETRONAS Engagement Team identified and pursued strategic alignment opportunities between the two organisations in the areas of oil and gas exploration and production, advanced materials and renewable energy. Team members: Amir Aryana, Dr Edson Nakagawa, Dr Beverley Ronalds, Dr Swee Mak, Dr Geoff Houston, Dr Stuart Bateman, Dr Russell Varley, Dr Herbert Volk, Dr Karen Kozielski, Dr Patrick Hartley, Dr Gerry Wilson, Rajiv Cabraal, Graeme Carlin, Dr Andrew Groth, CHH Wong, Dr Hamzah Abd Hamid, Dr Jaizan HM Jais, RA Karim, HS Hazri, Dr MI Abdul Mutalib, Dr Kok Hoong Leong.



  • Anna Littleboy and colleagues (CSIRO Energy Technology, CSIRO Exploration and Mining, Legal and Business Services). For technology transfer to support the commercial development of an environmentally responsible underground coal gasification industry in Australia. Team Leader: Dr Anna Littleboy. Team Members: Dr Andrew Beath, Tim McLennan, Jan Bingley, Kiara Bechta-Metti, Stuart Craig, Renate Sliwa, Stephen Fraser, Tania Wong, Max Cozijn, Cliff Mallett, Rusty Mark, Alex Eastwood, Dr John Wright, Dr Deepak Adhikary, Dr Deliana Gabeva, Dr Narenda Dave, Dr Thong Do and Dr Andrew Wilkins.
  • Raj Rajakumar and colleagues (Light Metals Flagship, CSIRO Minerals, Commercialisation and Legal). For seminal contribution in securing investment for a titanium manufacturing plant in Australia and the subsequent industry it will help develop. Team Leader: Dr Raj Rajakumar. Team Members: Grant Wellwood, Kiara Bechta-Metti, John Shaw, Tania Wong, Julie Pulford, Lynda O’Brien, Andreas Monch, Dr Christian Doblin, Dr Alan Manzoori and Dr Chris Goodes.



  • Sam Tartaglia and colleagues (CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering). For the establishment of a CSIRO joint venture (T-Mag Pty Ltd) with an SME consortia to develop and commercialise the T-Mag technology for the global exploitation of magnesium castings to reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions. Team Leader: Sam Tartaglia. Team Members: Mark Bonnar, Barrie Finnin, Thang Nguyen, Steven Groat, Lynda O’Brien, Paul Jarmain, Andrew Downs, John Carrig, Geoff Delooze, Kevin Rogers, Brad Cowley and Stuart Pearce. See CSIRO Medals 2007 – Business Excellence Medal – The T-Mag Team.



  • John Shaw and colleagues (CSIRO Minerals, CSIRO Corporate Commercialisation team and Intellection Pty LTd). For successfully transforming an innovative technical concept – Quantitative Evaluation of Minerals using Scanning Electron Microscopy (QEM*SEM) – into a vibrant, well capitalized, and rapidly expanding ‘born global’ company: Intellection Pty Ltd. Team Leader: Mr John Shaw. Seminal Contributors: Mr Howard Allingham, Ms Jan Bingley, Mr Gary Burge, Ms Debbie Carruthers, Ms Sureka Goringe, Mr Doug Knight, Ms Kathy Kociuba, Ms Julie Pulford, Mr Ian Reddoch, Mr Laurence Street, Mr Calvin Treacy (Intellection Pty Ltd) and Mr Kern Wyman. See CSIRO Medals 2006 – Business Excellence Medal – John Shaw and the Intellection Team.











  • Growth Factor (GroPep) Team (CSIRO Health Sciences and Nutrition). GroPep Limited is a biotechnology company which arose from research originating in 1980 at CSIRO and the University of Adelaide. The company exports novel growth factors that regulate cell growth and is now involved in three principal markets internationally:
    • pharmaceutical and drug development – for treatment of diseases that require tissue growth and repair
    • biotechnology reagents for researchers to develop new medical concepts
    • pharmaceutical cell culture, supporting the production of new generation pharmaceuticals.GroPep was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, had revenue in 2000 of $9.6M and in 2001 was worth approximately $120M. CSIRO has a 23.2% shareholding in GroPep.



  • Pathiraja (Thilak) Gunatillake and colleagues (CSIRO Molecular Science). This market-driven project has successfully transferred break-through polyurethane technology for the development and manufacture of medical devices. See also Elast-Eon™.