Food and Nutrition

By April 16th, 2016

In 2014 CSIRO underwent a major restructuring, with Flagships replacing Divisions as the organization’s operating units and the title Director replacing Chief of Division. The Division of Animal, Food and Health Sciences was split into four major entities. The bulk of the Division (187 out of 474 staff) became the Food and Nutrition Flagship along with 12 staff from the former Division of Ecosystem Sciences. The Australian Animal Health Laboratory (105 staff) – previously linked to the DAFHS and its animal research predecessors – became an independent CSIRO entity. In addition,100 DAFHS staff were assigned to the Agriculture Flagship and 67 DAFHS staff formed the new Biosecurity Flagship.

The divisional histories associated with the divisions that made up the Food and Nutrition Flagship are summarized at the figure below and can be found at the following links:

In 2015 the term Flagship was dropped by the Organization.

History of Food and Nutrition Divisions

Food & Nutrition Origins

Chief of Division/Officer-in-Charge/Director

Division/Business Unit Chief/O-i-C/Director
Ecosystem Sciences (2011-14) William Mark Lonsdale (2011-14)
Livestock Industries (2000-12) Shaun Gerard Coffey (2000-07)
Alan William Bell (2007-12)
Chris Prideaux (Acting 2012)
Food and Nutritional Sciences (2010-12) Martin Barry Cole (2010-12)
Animal, Food and Health Sciences (2012-14) Martin Barry Cole (2012-14)
Food and Nutrition (2014-) Martin Barry Cole (2014-)


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