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By July 2nd, 2014

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IBISS (Interactive Bovine in Silico SNP) – database of SNPs and model bovine mRNAs – See Shortcut advancing Bovine research, 2003 (Media Release)
IC Method (Ion Chromatography method) – for quantitative determination of inorganic and organic anions in bayer liquors with direct injection – See New way to identify contaminants (Solution)
ICVM (International Coal Value Model) – thermal coal database for coal blends
Igri – winter barley variety
ILIS (Integrated Land Information System) – microcomputer-based software for local government
ImageXpress™ – software to discover drug compounds to treat neurological disorders; developed in conjunction with Axon Instruments
IMAX – solar magnetometer for the Sunrise Imaging Magnetometer Experiment
Inform – annual bowel check test, in collaboration with Enterix
Ingard® cotton – a genetically modified insect resistant cotton variety
Injury prevention medical textiles – Novel wool textiles for the prevention of skin tears and impact injuries (especially in the aged population – See also ‘Smart Textile’ helps care for all, 2006 (Media Release)
Insegar – a natural pesticide (fenoxycarb) which combats codling moth; developed by Ciba-Geigy
Intelligent Knee sleeve – a flexible biofeedback device for performance enhancement in sport or rehabilitation; beeps at athletes teaching them to land safely; CSIRO developed the fabric of the sleeve
Intelligent Tensiometer – instrument for the rapid and reliable measurement of suction (matric potential) in laboratory or field situations; manufactured by Campbell Scientific Australia
Interceptor Microwave Detector – an instrument that checks radiation leakage from microwave ovens in the ISM band at 2 450 MHz; manufactured by Microsafe Australia – See CSIRO Disclaimer: Microwave Oven Service, 1993 (Media Release)
Interps – computer program for estimating chemical analyses from light intensity measurements recorded with colorimetric methods of analysis
Iodine supplements – to prevent iodine deficiency diseases – See Iodine deficiency
IRIS design package for progressive spectacle lenses – software developed in the late 1980s for people suffering from the common complaint presbyopia; used by SOLA International, one of the largest Optical Lens Companies in the world – See Spectacle lens design and Mathematical modelling for optical lens design (Achievement)
ISOLDE (Integrated Software and On-Line Documentation Environment) – an integrated software development and document generation environment that supports technical authors in the production of on-line help
I-spy – a generic tagging system that will enable scientists to ‘tag’ and monitor specific proteins of interest without altering the proteins structure or function


IEL (Ion Exclusion Lactose) technology – separates the lactose contained in whey and purifies it into a valuable pharmaceutical-grade product for use in medicines and health supplements – See French say ‘oui’ to Aussie whey recycling, 2005 (Media Release)
IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) – technology
In Situ Laser Surfacing – new laser welding technique repairs power station turbine rotor blades in minutes through advances in the way repair metals fuse together; collective effort by CMIT, IRIS, CRC for Welded Structures, ANSTO and Connell Wagner
IWP (Integrated Wood Processor) – produces energy and high-value activated carbon from wood as well as eucalyptus oil via a gasification unit; licensed to Enecon – See New plant for green energy and landcare, 2000 (Media Release)


ICMS (Interactive Component Modeling System) – PC-based software product, developed to facilitate the rapid development and delivery of catchment science to catchment managers; implements a ‘layered’ approach to development, and delivery – See Interactive Component Modelling System – ICMS and ICMS main features
IDAS (Interactive Data Acquisition Software) – data collection system
Indium Phosphide (InP) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) – radio astronomy amplifiers and advanced telecommunication systems – See Radio astronomy amplifiers using millimetre wavelength imaging imaging
Intelligent Plant – artificial intelligence being built into coal processing plants; developed with support from ACARP
Internet Market Places – technology, provides ability to share and combine information within a large organisation or across organisations; used for Sydney Information Highway Project
Interscan aircraft landing system – microwave approach and landing system for aircraft; allows curved approaches; manufactured by Interscan Australia
INTKEY – sophisticated software package for interactive identification and information retrieval – See DELTA taxonomic computer programs
Ion Exclusion Lactose Technology – cost-effective food processing system that minimises waste and maximises commercial use of by-products ; joint venture with University of Western Sydney (UWS) – See French say ‘oui’ to Aussie whey recycling, 2005 (Media Release)
IRMAS (Intelligent Risk Mapping and Assessment System) – designed for concurrent engineering projects that link the entire project management process from product or project design, development, manufacture to delivery – See Minimising the ‘risky business’ in engineering projects, 2005 (Media Release)
ITS-Connect – nationwide intelligent transport and control system software, focusing on freight movements – See New freight transport systems to save billions, 2001 (Media Release)